Wednesday, 28 March 2012

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday week 147

Another week another workdesk - well the same one,
but with different things on it!

I'm working on an altered book following the 
brilliant guidance and classes currently being given by

I'm on Lesson 4 and have just stuck together some 
of the pages with various different mediums,
and given each page a coat of white paint and distress inked the edges.
I'm hoping to get the rest of the lesson completed 
before the end of the week.

I was lucky enough to win a giveaway last week from
it's the lovely Spring felt basket and all that wonderful lace! 

If like me you like having a snoop around other desks,
go directly to 
you'll see why when you get there!

Have a great week, whatever you're up to
and enjoy the sun shine if you have it :)

Sunday, 25 March 2012

My Altered Book - progress so far...

 I'm in the process of altering a book following the on-line
class being offered (very generously for free) by Elizabeth on her blog

I've so far completed up to lesson 3 so thought I'd better
start recording my progress.

Lesson one was finding the right sort of book to alter.
The only rule in this whole process was that the book
had to have a sewn spine.
Elizabeth gave very comprehensive instructions on how to 
find out whether the book had a sewn spine. 
With this information in mind I trawled several charity shops
trying to find the right sort of book.

One time my sister was with me and was completely
horrified when she saw what she thought was me
sniffing a book - LOL!!  My eyesight is terrible and I wear
glasses, but if I want to see the detail of something I have
to look over the top of my glasses and get up close and
personal with it!!!  So there was I with a book held up to my
face, almost touching my nose trying to see if it had a
sewn spine - over came my sister horrified asking if I
was sniffing the book - I'm still laughing now!!!
I think I convinced her of the truth and she's still speaking to me,
so all's well!

Sorry, I digressed ....   with a book in my possession -
'New Clear-Type Dictionary',
I could start the course, but then couldn't decide on a theme.
Eventually I settled on Dressmaking / Sewing - something
along those lines.

Lesson Two

This lesson was about prepping the book.
Towards the back of the book there will be a niche
and for lesson 2 we had to section off (with a rubber band) 
the pages where the niche would be cut into.
We then had to remove approximately one third of
the total pages in the book.
I used Elizabeth's second method for doing this. 

Lesson Three 

This lesson was split into three parts.
  • Firstly, prepping the outside book cover.  
As my book is cloth bound, I decided to skip this step for the time being -I will decorate it in some way after the inside is finished.
  • Secondly, prepping the inside end pages

Well, these photos look awful!
The pages do look better in reality.
I re-inforced them as necessary and then covered with
 dressmaking themed scrapbook paper.  
  • The final part of this lesson was to create a niche.
I decided to put a little dress form/torso in my niche,
so created a few from air dried clay from moulds.
 This determined the depth the niche needed to be
and the required number of pages were then stuck together
at the edges with Gel Medium and clamped
(or in my case pegged) together whilst drying.

This had to be done twice and left overnight.
Then, the exciting bit, creating the niche!
This was actually a lot easier than I thought it'd be,
although I can't say my niche is perfect, but it'll do for me!
The niche had to be stuck with Gel Medium and clamped
to dry in the same way as before.
Once it was all dried and stuck together, the fun part came
- decorating and filling the niche!

For behind the niche, I stuck some old dressmaking pattern tissue,
and before gluing the niche block to the back cover,
I added some ribbon - I'm not sure what I'm going to do with
them exactly just yet, but they will give me the option to make
some kind of ribbon closure.  If I decide not to use them
 I can just cut them off.

I wanted some of the book text showing through, so
lightly painted the page with a buff coloured acrylic paint and gesso,
then overstamped with a dressmaking stamp
 (Tim Holtz 'Pattern Pieces' by Stampers Anonymous).
I added a label from an item of clothing too - just under the niche.

Here's a close up of the niche.

 Around the niche was smeared some Distress Ink.
The torso was sprayed with Crafty Notions
Creative Colour Spraypaque Fire Opal.

I like how this page has turned out.

I've started the next lesson - which explores different glues,
and deciding which ones we like best for our altered books -
but the trouble with glue is ... you have to wait for it to dry!

Thank you again Elizabeth for all your time and effort,
I'm looking forward to the next stage!