Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Some 'Exquisite' Fun

Do you remember playing something like this when you were younger -
take a piece of paper, draw a head, fold the paper over, pass it on,
the second person draws the next bit and so on and then you
open it all up and laugh at the funny person you've created?

Well, it's still going on in adulthood in Blogland, but now it's called
'The Exquisite Corpse Project' oooo-eeer!!!.

Over on the Collabor-ART blog I belong to, we were put
into groups of four people and had to decide our own theme.
The photo above shows mine - 'Denim Girl'.

This is how I started off her head

(Don't look at the 'nose', I can't do noses - lol)

I gave her some real Denim hair

She was then sealed up in an envelope and passed
on to the next person who did their bit, sealed it up
and passed theirs on - you get the idea.
When all the sealed envelopes came back, I had
the pleasure of opening them and putting
 Denim Girl together.
Her little bag is real denim and her curly toed shoes 
are leather.  I think I will fix the four sections
together properly and may do something with the background too.

I have so far done my bit on two of the other 'corpses'
and can't wait to see how they turn out too.

Such fun!!!!!