Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Another Jewellery Class and Card

Yesterday I dragged my sister to another local jewellery class
where we made the above bracelets - well, she didn't need
dragging this time as she actually enjoyed it last week.

This week's class was much easier as there was no sewing
of minute beads involved.
We used Tiger Tail and threaded on seed beads and larger
beads and evenutally came up with the entire bracelet!

Although I like making the jewellery I don't actually wear it
so my niece Chloe gets to keep mine.
Here she is modelling both bracelets.

She got her new nails last week - a special treat as she
wasn't old enough to join the jewellery class although she really wanted to!

Next week, my sister won't be able to join in the class either
as her children will be back to school and she lives too far
away :(  I have booked myself in, but not sure if I'll be able to
manage without my right arm girl - we'll see, if I'm brave enough!

Finally, a card I made yesterday - with the help of Chloe -
she's getting into this craft lark recently!

This is a Golden Wedding card.
The typewriter is Tim Holtz/Alterations/Sizzix Bigz Die
'Vintage Typewriter'
The backing paper is from a Laura Ashley collection.
Chloe added the gold accents in the lace which don't
show up very well in the photo, she also helped
choosing the papers and lace!
Thanks Chloe!!

..... and of course, if you're looking in
Thank You too x

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Cards and Beads

It's been so long since I last blogged, I'd forgotten my password!
Luckily I had made a note of it, so all's well!

What have I missed - probably loads, will I ever catch up?
Probably not, but I hope this finds you all well and happy anyway.

Last week I dragged my sister along to a local 
jewellery making class where we made the above
beaded flower and hung it on a chain.
I found it really quite difficult at first and was so glad
Kelly was with me as her eyes are younger and healthier than mine
and she was happy to thread the needle for me when required!
She picked the technique up a lot quicker than me too, so when 
the tutor was busy she could explain what to do! 

We're going back next week and hopefully will come
away with a bracelet each - I don't think there's any
stitching involved so may do a bit better.

I wanted to have a go at home and made a card
with a fabric flower and the centre piece was going to 
be a beaded flower

.... only trouble was I'd forgotten how to do it!
Notepad and pen next time I think - lol.

Finally, a couple of birthday cards I made yesterday.

The backing papers are by Laura Ashley
and the one on right is a velvet flock effect.
The dress forms are from Tim Holtz/Alterations
Sewing Room Bigz Sizzix die cut.
I roughly stippled gold paint through sequin waste
on each form.

Our two lovely kittens are getting bigger
and more mischievious by the day.
I've learned to put all ornaments out of reach
(lost two already!!)
and anything dangly needs to be removed, such
as towels or curtain pulls.
We keep most of the internal doors shut now which I don't
like as it cuts out the light, but needs must.
I've also got a fair few scratches on my arms and legs -
can't belive how sharp their little claws are!
We get a 4am wake up call by Leo licking around our faces
- he especially loves John's ears and nose!
Leo is a lot more docile than Lily - and Lily is in charge -
she calls to Leo and he obediently trots along
after her - LOL.

This photo was taken a couple of weeks ago
and they're a bit bigger now.

Thanks for looking - I promise I'll come
and check out your blogs soon too x