Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Spring Charm Swap

Anyone for Su Doku?
No, not me, I don't like number games,
scrabble and other words games yes, but nothing with numbers!
When I saw this set of Su Doku in a charity shop
a few years ago, I had no intention of ever playing a game with them,
but just knew they'd come in handy one day.
Cue - The Altered Dominos & Other Altered Game Pieces
group on Flickr.
The current swap on there is to 
" Create up to ten charms and receive ten. They have to be made using a game piece
 and have something on it that makes you think of Spring"
I wanted to use wire and the 'gizmo' wire coiling tool
to create some flowers with a gemstone in their centre. 
Although it's an easy tool to use (in theory!),
I think I need more practice.  However I was reasonably
pleased with how the flowers turned out.
First though, I painted one side of the Su Doku counters
white (to hide the numbers)
 and then attached book text with Liquitex.
The flowers (or maybe butterflies!) were then
stuck onto the counters with E6000 adhesive.
The gemstones I used are Carnelian,
except the blue one in the middle of the photo
which is Blue Chalcedony
 (no, I'd never heard of them before either!)
Flower or butterfly?
You decide!
Can't wait to see what charms I get back in return now!
Thanks for looking and I promise to try and get
round to see some of my blogging friends' blogs soon!    

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Easter Crafting Activites with Chloe and Aaron

Over the Easter holiday my niece and nephew visited us
 and as usual we ended up playing in my craft room.

One day we made clocks from old CDs.
My husband had already bought some clock mechanisms in
and they chose how they wanted to decorate
the CDs - they looked great when they were finished -
and much to everyones amazement, they even worked!

Here's Aaron with his one.

Another day Chloe and I made some gem heavy rings.

We made the structure of the rings with some wire.

 Selected which stones we wanted.
We both chose Mookite -
Chloe the plain rounds and rectangles
for me.

Chloe only agreed to letting me put her photo
on here if I put one of me on too!

Here she is ....

.... and here's our finished rings


 .... and that's it ....

oh, all right, if I must
(Photo deleted .... sorry Chloe!!!)

We always have such a laugh together and I
can't wait for the next time they're here!

Thanks for looking :)

Another Desert Island Disc Page

I can hardly believe that I've now completed 7 of the 10
pages for this circle journal - Desert Island Discs.

This page is for Nigel.
As I was the seventh person to get his journal
I only had the choice of 3 songs - gulp!
As you can see from the photo above I chose
'The Lark Ascending' by Vaughan Williams.
Beautiful music, but no lyrics to work with - yikes!
Luckily though, Nigel had supplied a little bit about
why he'd chosen his songs so with that in mind
I got to work.

For the cover (above), I kept it simple and tried to create
a stormy sky scene with - guess what -
a single lark ascending from the clouds!

I based the inside on Nigel's story.
This is meant to represent an abandoned airfield
with lots of wild flowers.
I used Pan Pastels and rubber stamps and although
it looks more like a cultivated field, I am pleased
with how it turned out in the end.

Seven down, three to go - even less song choices to come -
lucky I like a challenge!

Thanks for looking :)