Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Desert Island Discs - Circle Journal

I'm taking part in a circle journal with the theme
'Desert Island Discs'.
There are ten participants and we each had
to choose ten songs which mean something to us
or ones we just like - my choices are a mixture of both:

Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty
We Are Young by FUN
Take This Waltz by Leonard Cohen
Lady Solitude by Richard Hawley
Non Je Ne Regrette Rien by Edith Piaf
Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen
I know Him So Well by Elaine Paige and Barbara Dixon
Bat Out Of Hell by Meat Loaf
The Power of Love by Jennifer Rush
True Love Ways by Buddy Holly
I decided to make my journal fabric and above is the
page I chose for my own journal -
Buddy Holly's 'True Love Ways'

The image is from Google, an album cover 
showing the name of the song.
I transferred it to the fabric following
The rest of the page is painted, stamped and stitched.

A twist to this is that as the CJ passes around the circle
 on the way back to its owner,
 future participants may add to or enhance your entry in some way 
if they wish, as well as working on their own. 

This Circle Journal is being run from the
Collabor-ART blog group.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Altered Sardine Tins .... for Christmas!

I'm doing a three way altered sardine tin swap
with Christmas as the theme.
Each of us supplies our own tin, decorate it a bit,
pass it on to the second person who adds their
own festive layers and they then pass it on to 
the third person who finishes it off and returns
it to the first person - so we each get our own tin back.
The tin I supplied is as above.
All I did as a start was to completely cover it
with christmas sheet music and cut out from the
tin lid one set of angel wings with the Bigz die shown.
I embossed the wings too with an embossing folder.
This is how it left and it's now with the second
person - wonder what they'll do next!
In the meantime I've received a tin like this
For my contribution I added a Christmas Angel
to the inside.
The head is moulded from air dry clay.
The gown is fusible fibres and real 'Angel Hair' - what else!
She has a beaded halo and some jingly Christmas bells around her.
Finally, I added a glass nugget to the bottom,
the scrap of sheet music was attached with Glossy Accents.
 The tin will tomorrow be on it's way to the next person
for the final layers - wonder what they'll do 
with that funky frame.
This swap is being run from the 
Collabor-Art blog group.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

A Beaded Necklace - and more purchases!

This is what I made at this week's jewellery class.
Again, it's not something that I would wear, but
I did enjoy making it.
The beads were threaded onto Tiger Tail 
and the most difficult part
was watching the colour pattern.

Remember in yesterday's post I said I'd worn out
John's old wallet, well his new one took a battering today too
as after the class I bought a few more items!

 Here's what I made with some of the new purchases

To ease my guilt, and because his birthday is coming up, 
 I shall also be making one for John -
minus the sparkly beads!

Thanks for looking :)

Monday, 15 October 2012

Simple Birthday Cards - and one very special one!

I made this card for my hubby whose birthday it is
later this month.
The backing paper is Laura Ashley and I edged it
with some black sheer ribbon.
The telephone is a die cut of Tim Holtz/Alterations/Sizzix
'Vintage Telephone'.
The telephone is actually cut from the leather of
his old wallet .... well, as I wore it out, I felt it only
right to use it on his card!!!

This one is for hubby's niece, again quite simple.
The red edging is 'Barn Door' Distress Ink.
The embossed Union Jack is from
Portobello Road (tri-boss embossing folder).
The sentiment is also from Portobello Road
'Urban Stamps' set.
The faithful old 'Sewing Room' die was used 
again for the sewing form - from 
Tim Holtz/Alterations/Sizzix.
The 'dress' is made from crepe paper.

....... and finally, the special card ......

This one was made by Chloe (my niece)
for my birthday last month.
(It's really bright and shimmery in real life,
 but the photo has come out a bit dark).
This was such a lovely surprise as she's based in
on the She-Art girl work of Christy Tomlinson.
(We had a play with that a while back when she made
her own She-Art girl)
I love all the thought and detail she put into it - I always wear
two little clips in my hair and usually wear three
quarter trousers, weather permitting.
The buttons in the background represent things I like -
craft, gardening and cats!
I love the sentiment she used too.
Thanks again Chloe, I love it and it is of course 
on display in my craft room!

Thanks for looking xx

Friday, 12 October 2012

More Jewellery Makes

At this week's jewellery class we made a different take
on the ever popular Shamballa style bracelet.

It basically consists of 8 large beads simply threaded on the cord
(without knots inbetween) and three clusters of five smaller
beads - each had a headpin inserted into and made into a
jump ring - this was then threaded onto the cord.
The remainder of the bracelet was the usual D knots.

I think this is my favourite so far and one I will wear 
as it isn't too fussy.

So, what did I buy after the class?

Some cord and disco ball beads.
Some lovely glass faceted beads
and cream coloured skull beads -
well, it would have been rude not to!

I couldn't resist making some more skeletons!

Poor Mr Orange Skeleton though, I inadvertently
cut off his left arm with the thread zapper!
I had to re-join it with a knot so he's a little
distorted - he looks cheerful enough though!

I think they're so funny!

Thanks for looking :)

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Shamballa and Skeletons!

At this week's jewellery making class we made a
 rather grand looking necklace.

The 'U' shaped links were created with 
0.8 gauge wire shaped by bending the wire
around a little bead container.
The ends of each 'U' were then curled around,
beads threaded on, then the other end of the 'U' curled.
These curls were then used to attach the 'U' to the 'U' above.  
Each of the 'U's in a row were attached with jump rings.
The main lesson learned was measure each link
accurately and try to bend all the 'U's the same
because although the finished article looks fine,
when it's lifted up it doesn't lay flat -
 so when wearing it, I become a Tarzan impersonator -
keep patting my chest to flatten the 'U's - lol!

As the lessons are held in a bead shop I've
been getting into the habit of buying a few things at
the end of each lesson (as you do!!)
Last week I bought a kit to make a Shaballa bracelet.

Once I'd worked out how to do the knots, these
were an absolute breeze to make.
This week I bought some little skull beads and 
made a bracelet for my niece and nephew for Halloween.

Whilst knotting the thread around one of the skulls,
I thought I could make a complete skeleton ....

I only did a few knots as you can see, but added a 
few additional glass beads.
I'm not normally a fan of skeletons or Halloween things,
but I do think he looks rather cute!

Wonder what I'll buy next week!