Monday, 15 October 2012

Simple Birthday Cards - and one very special one!

I made this card for my hubby whose birthday it is
later this month.
The backing paper is Laura Ashley and I edged it
with some black sheer ribbon.
The telephone is a die cut of Tim Holtz/Alterations/Sizzix
'Vintage Telephone'.
The telephone is actually cut from the leather of
his old wallet .... well, as I wore it out, I felt it only
right to use it on his card!!!

This one is for hubby's niece, again quite simple.
The red edging is 'Barn Door' Distress Ink.
The embossed Union Jack is from
Portobello Road (tri-boss embossing folder).
The sentiment is also from Portobello Road
'Urban Stamps' set.
The faithful old 'Sewing Room' die was used 
again for the sewing form - from 
Tim Holtz/Alterations/Sizzix.
The 'dress' is made from crepe paper.

....... and finally, the special card ......

This one was made by Chloe (my niece)
for my birthday last month.
(It's really bright and shimmery in real life,
 but the photo has come out a bit dark).
This was such a lovely surprise as she's based in
on the She-Art girl work of Christy Tomlinson.
(We had a play with that a while back when she made
her own She-Art girl)
I love all the thought and detail she put into it - I always wear
two little clips in my hair and usually wear three
quarter trousers, weather permitting.
The buttons in the background represent things I like -
craft, gardening and cats!
I love the sentiment she used too.
Thanks again Chloe, I love it and it is of course 
on display in my craft room!

Thanks for looking xx


Deborah said...

Chloe has learned well from her auntie. I am not surprised it is special to you. Love you using your husband's old wallet fo rhis card lol

Lins Artyblobs said...

Good use of an old wallet! You have a very talented niece.

Terry said...

Hello is the first thing that came to mind! All three are fabulous and I love that your niece will someday have a crafty blog!

Mrs A. said...

Your niece knows you too well!!!. That is one super card. Erm I take it Hubby dosen't read your blog?Lol.
Hugs Mrs A.
Proof read over and out.

Meggymay said...

Fantastic cards. Chloe is so talented.
I hope you bought your OH a new wallet to replace the one you used for the telephone.
Yvonne x

Cindy Is Crafty said...

Love them! :O)

Ira Huberts said...

Love your cards Sherry! Where would we girls be without those fine dies! Aaww, Chloe has made you such a gorgeous card, too, she's ever so creative! All in the genes ;-) Hugs, Ira x

Jackie said...

What a fabulous card your niece made you, Sherry - very special. I love yours too!
Thanks for letting me know about the face stencils. 'Summer' has already sold out! Hope you got in there quickly and got yours. J x

Createology said...

Lovely cards and I especially like hubby's. Chloe is quite the talented artist. How very sweet to make you a card. Fabulous new necklace. Love all your newly acquired supplies...especially those wild zebra tools. Love the bracelet! Hubby will look stunning in one.
Blissful Creating SSD...

JansArtyJunk said...

Super cards Sherry..LOVE the recycled wallet card...LOL at wearing it out!! ;) ...and your niece is taking after her talented auntie...what a sweet card she made for you..definately one to treasure!! Jan x

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