Thursday, 30 June 2011

Birthday Card - 'less is more' - not in this case!!!!

I needed to make a special card for a friend's upcoming 50th birthday
so immediately thought of using my favourite of all dies
Tim Holtz Alterations/Sizzix 'Sewing Room' Bigz die (again!!)

I painted the form with silver acrylic then stuck on
black sequins with Glossy Accents trying not to make
too much mess as it was all oozing through the holes in the sequins!
I sprinked gold glitter all over to mop up the excess.

I added some embellishments - a beaded belt,
a silver handbag and silver flower at the neckline.
.... and a beaded necklace too, well it is a special occasion!

With the form finished, I wanted to create something really
special to mount it on - well, I failed and ended up with something
quite simple really, but I think it works anyway.

The card I used was embossed already except for a square area
in the centre.  I tried using the brayering technique on the square,
with blue ink, then overstamped with Stampers Anoymous
 (Pattern Pieces CMS012).  I think this technique is not as easy as it seems,
but I'm sure I'll improve with practice.

I used more of the blue ink to highlight some of the embossed flowers
on the card.  Once done, it was all too heavy and dark and I wanted the dress form to take centre stage.  A sheet of white vellum came to the rescue -
attached with small brads in each corner - it muted the dark colours - yay!

I thought a little bit of stamping onto the vellum would finish it off
- I got a bit carried away though and with hindsight wouldn't
have done as much  - note to self:
'remember less is more!'
I even went on to stamp the same pattern around the envelope,
but I like how that looks - LOL.

The stamps I used were
Technique Tuesdays (Borderline:Notions)
Stampers Anonymous (Pattern Pieces CMS012)

I'm pleased with the dress form, but not so with the background card.
However, I always think to myself would I be happy to receive this
and yes, I would, so I'm going to give it to my friend and hope
she'll like it. 

Thanks for looking x

Friday, 24 June 2011

Thank You Mrs A

Look everyone - I just had to share what I received in the post today!

Three beautifully wrapped parcels from the wonderfully talented

In the middle parcel was this beautiful post card in the style of Monet.

This was for a swap on the
 Flickr group where the challenge was to make a collaged postcard
and to incorporate metal somewhere on it.
Unfortunately the photo has come out a bit dark, so you can't
see the cute little frog very clearly, but you can see the metal
in the form of an altered bottle top lily pad!
I love the watercolour effect and the colours.

On to the second parcel ... how exciting!!

It's a little kimono bag made of the most gorgeous silk fabrics.
It is padded and lined with a co-ordinating fabric.
The little head also has fabulous dimension and has been
padded and hand embroidered.
I love the kimono detail around the neck in particular.

Mrs A a while back did a little statitistical analysis of the comments
on her blog (yes, brainy as well as an amazing seamstress!) and I was lucky enough to have come in the top few commentors and as a reward she asked me what I'd like her to make for me!
Yes, I know, I couldn't believe it either!!!
I'd seen a little bag like the one above and although I felt a bit cheeky asking for it, I did, and am I glad now - yes sireeee!!

.... but that's not all!
The last parcel had a little tag attached
"Just a little extra for you"
Mrs A had included this because of the delay in sending!

It's a beautiful little silk kimono - measuring approx seven inches long.
I wish you could feel how deliciously soft and tactile it is!

I wanted to explore every inch of it so undid the belt (I know there's a proper name for the belt but I can't remember it at the moment)

Inside is lined with more fantastic silk fabric.

I am always totally in awe of Mrs A's work, her hand stitching
is perfection and without appearing too gushy I just cannot sing
her praises enough!

Even the lovely gift tags she made had more of the fabric on!

Thank you again Mrs A -  to say you really made my day
would be an understatement!

Now I'm off to go play with a little bag and a kimono!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Altered Charm Swap

I haven't done any crafting lately but when I saw an altered charm swap on
 recently, it was just what I needed to kick start me back into action!

The charms had to be altered, so I used some childrens' thin wooden
 dominos cut in half with my craft knife.

I painted over them with black acrylic on the patterned side,
and once dry rubber stamped some sewing related images with
Dew Drop Brilliance Ink (Moonlight White).
The stamps I used were -
 PaperArtsy (MN20)
Technique Tuesday (Borderline:Notions)
Stampers Anonymous (Pattern Pieces CMS012)
Creative Expressions (Vintage Sewing)

Here's a couple of close ups

For the other side of the dominos (which were plain without any pattern on),
I painted with tan coloured acrylic and once dry, adhered some
old dressmaking tissue paper patterns (with Liquitex Matte Medium).
Once that was dry, I cut out some faces (photocopies) from old dressmaking patterns and adhered them over the top.

Both sides were sealed with a layer of
Krylon Crystal Clear Acrylic Coating.

I love the little metal charms - the Singer Sewing machine
and the Scissors - both of which were from

Once the charms were finished, I needed something to mount them on.
What better than a little mannequin, courtesy of
Sizzix/Alterations 'Sewing Room' Bigz die.

 I used old cereal box card and covered it with paper
from the old dressmaking patterns
- then aged it around the edges with Distress Ink (Black Soot).


Can't wait to see what charms I get back in return,
but I'll have to as the swap doesn't end until

Thanks for looking x

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday Week 106

Well, it seems I missed out on all the fun celebrating the second anniversary of Julia’s brainwave that is WOYWW. I really cannot complain though as I was away having a lovely time with family in the beautiful sunny Mediterranean island of Cyprus.

I didn’t miss out on everything though as I joined in with the PIF (pass it forward) element of the celebrations thanks to Julia who very kindly passed my gift onto another WOYWWer and in return I received a gift which was waiting for me on my return home last week.

This is what I received from Jude
- a fabulous altered frame containing all sorts of loveliness. As I told Jude. vintage sewing / dressmaking is one of my favourite themes so I absolutely love my gift! Thank you again Jude if you’re reading this.

I haven’t yet heard from the recipient of the gift I made and I know it’s travelling some distance so won’t say who it’s going to just in case they read this post - don’t want to spoil the surprise!

It’s a doll - no really? Yes, it’s made from mountboard using the template
from The Enchanted Gallery. Her face is made from a mould with air dry clay. Her body is covered with Decopatch paper and her hair is from a woollen scarf. Our PIF gifts had to include somewhere on them the acronym ‘WOYWW’. On mine it can be found on the bunting the doll is holding - she is joining in the celebrations by waving her bunting and ric rac around!

Bravo to Julia! Long may WOYWW continue!

Since I’ve been home I haven’t done any crafting so there isn’t anything on my desk to show. There is however, this box of ProMarkers.

I bought some new packs the other day in Hobby craft - only because they were on offer (you know how it is!) I already had two sets and with my new ones that made five sets altogether. How to store them? My original ones were in a jam jar, but there were now too many to fit in and I didn’t really want yet another jar to the large collection already on my desk. I had a hunt around our garage and found an empty Ferrero Rocher box into which all the pens fitted nicely.

Of course, I now can’t buy any more Promarkers (no room to store), unless of course I also buy another box of Ferrero Rocher!

Sounds like a genius plan to me!

How do you store yours (pens that is!), I’d love to know.

Thanks for visiting and I’ll try to get around to as many desks as I can - having finished all my ironing yesterday, I can browse guilt free …. just got to go and do a bit of shopping first.

See you later!