Friday, 24 June 2011

Thank You Mrs A

Look everyone - I just had to share what I received in the post today!

Three beautifully wrapped parcels from the wonderfully talented

In the middle parcel was this beautiful post card in the style of Monet.

This was for a swap on the
 Flickr group where the challenge was to make a collaged postcard
and to incorporate metal somewhere on it.
Unfortunately the photo has come out a bit dark, so you can't
see the cute little frog very clearly, but you can see the metal
in the form of an altered bottle top lily pad!
I love the watercolour effect and the colours.

On to the second parcel ... how exciting!!

It's a little kimono bag made of the most gorgeous silk fabrics.
It is padded and lined with a co-ordinating fabric.
The little head also has fabulous dimension and has been
padded and hand embroidered.
I love the kimono detail around the neck in particular.

Mrs A a while back did a little statitistical analysis of the comments
on her blog (yes, brainy as well as an amazing seamstress!) and I was lucky enough to have come in the top few commentors and as a reward she asked me what I'd like her to make for me!
Yes, I know, I couldn't believe it either!!!
I'd seen a little bag like the one above and although I felt a bit cheeky asking for it, I did, and am I glad now - yes sireeee!!

.... but that's not all!
The last parcel had a little tag attached
"Just a little extra for you"
Mrs A had included this because of the delay in sending!

It's a beautiful little silk kimono - measuring approx seven inches long.
I wish you could feel how deliciously soft and tactile it is!

I wanted to explore every inch of it so undid the belt (I know there's a proper name for the belt but I can't remember it at the moment)

Inside is lined with more fantastic silk fabric.

I am always totally in awe of Mrs A's work, her hand stitching
is perfection and without appearing too gushy I just cannot sing
her praises enough!

Even the lovely gift tags she made had more of the fabric on!

Thank you again Mrs A -  to say you really made my day
would be an understatement!

Now I'm off to go play with a little bag and a kimono!


Mrs A. said...

So glad you liked it all. Hugs Mrs A.

Lotus said...

Wonderful! And I believe the belt is called an Obi.
; )

Createology said...

Handmade treasures are always so special. These are lovely. I am off to visit Mrs. A and her blog. Wondrous weekend to you dear...

Gez said...

Beautiful! ENJOY!

Have a great weekend too..xx

Nina Lise Moen said...

Oh Sherry, what an amazing gift! Have a lovely weekend!

Sam said...

So Beautiful, what a talented women! Lucky you to recieve such amazing gifts!!!

Twiglet said...

Gush away - what gorgeous gifts from the clever Mrs A. Is the belt an "obi"? not sure but the word jumped into my mind when you mentioned it. lol x Jo

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

Wow, loving those kimono creations! ...lucky you :)

Kathy said...

So beautiful Sherry.. love kimonos.. and these are exquisite.. lucky you.. off to check out Mrs. A's blog..
Have a loverly Sunday!

Deborah said...

Lucky you, Sherry :-) And I love the wrapping - something I just can't do.

Gini said...

So glad you had a lovely holiday, love your art doll (her hair was part of a scarf??? I thought you must have scalped a barbie...snigger), wonderful corset cards and the half domino's on the dress forms is total fabulousness!

Terry said...

Talk about flappin' fabulous! What amazing treasures! Enjoy!