Sunday, 15 July 2012

I'm Still Here - but not alone!

I thought I'd better check in if only to say
I'm sorry for not visiting any blogs and leaving comments

I'm having a little crafting break at the moment
to catch up on other (long neglected) things -
you know how it is!
I'm also taking stock of my craft room and
having a bit of a clear out.

There's also been a big change in our household -
we have two new additions

...... meet the kittens .....

Leo The Lion and Tiger Lily,
well just Leo and Lily really.

They came to live with us last Saturday and are
just 9 weeks old and so incredibly cute. 

I hope all my crafting / blogging friends
are well and I will catch up with you all
soon - I promise! 

miaow, miaow xx
(that's me miaow-ing, not the kittens
as they haven't found their voices yet!)

Take care :)