Thursday, 14 August 2008

Miss Mamma

This week's challenge on Maggies Monday Musings was to use the following 5 objects on an ATC - bubblewrap, staple, star, flower and wood. Having already seen some of the fabulous entries on the Flickr site my mind was a blank (although that's nothing unusual!) I had a spare clay moulded face in my stash and decided to use that with the bubblewrap as hair and some staples to 'tie' it into bunches. The face was painted with gouache paints and detailed with Sakura pens and Ranger's Stickles. I painted the background and body again with some gouache paints. I thought two star brads would make a great bikini top - albeit and very tiny one! I painted some flowers on the background (so this is not really using an object, but as Margaret the creator of the MAMMA challenge site says 'a flower is a flower' so I think I've got away with it!
I was stuck on the wood element as I didn't have much room left on the ATC. In the end I opted for a small wooden bead which became the central part of Miss Mamma's necklace - seems she likes her jewellery big!

Thanks for another great challenge Margaret, you certainly get us all thinking!


Artyfax said...

very different and unique interpretation


she still makes me smile Sherry.

My bribe to myself didn't work this week. lol

Jan said...

You're so good at this type of art