Thursday, 27 November 2008

Thank You Belinda!

Well, he finally arrived today all the way from Tasmania, Australia - this little elf from Belinda as a 'giveaway' from her blog (how could she, but I'm glad she did!) He is just exquisite standing approximately three and a half inches high. He has a wire and bead body clothed in beautifully soft felt (well, that's what I think it is), his arms are moveable and his face is gorgeous as are his hair and cap. His wings are a fantastic shade of metallic blue but I don't know what they are made from. I don't think the poor little chap has recovered from his jet lag yet as his eyes are firmly closed - lol. However, he can be sure that I will take very good care of him and make his feel right at home once he wakes up!

Thank you Belinda for this beautiful gift and also for the lovely ATC - I am one very lucky girl today.

I must add for anyone else reading this post that Belinda's blog 'Metallic Dreams' is well worth a visit to see some of her beautiful work and also pictures of her beautiful family.

.... now off to see if I can wake the Elf up!


Belinda said...

Hi Sherry I am so glad that you like him. I felt bad that I took so long to send him as I have been so busy but he got there pretty quick once he was sent. Thank you for your kind words about my blog/family. Ps his wings are fabric and coated with opals that are set with a heat gun gun. Thanks again Belinda xxx

Viv's Visuals said...

Oh Sherry he's real cool! Would he like to make friends wth Ragtree's Granny and Gingerbread Boy that are now living with me?? LOL