Sunday, 15 November 2009

Christmas Angel Challenge

A few weeks back I made a batch of Christmas Angels based on an article I saw in an old issue of Somerset Studio magazine dated Nov/Dec 2006. The article was called ‘Altered Stockings’ by a very talented lady called Nelda Ream-Jinkerson. She made the stockings from vintage sweaters and then applied some mixed media embellishments - her delightful angel being one of the embellishments. You can see a picture of her creation here (just scroll down a little way).

By co-incidence Nancy over on the Art ‘n’ Soul Flickr group, hinted at an angel art-doll as a theme in the lead up to Christmas, and as I’ve been ‘volunteered’ by Viv to be the next guest challenger I thought these angels would be a good idea.

Of course, my version isn’t as pretty as Nelda’s but it is based on the same principle. Whereas hers was made from a shipping tag, I cut a body shape for mine from card and made some wings - here’s the template for what it’s worth!

In short here‘s what to do to make one:

  • find a vintage head and shoulders to use, extend the body template to accommodate the head and shoulders.

  • Cut out the body template (extended at the top to include the head and shoulders) from card.

  • Glue on the head, shoulders and a Christmassy landscape or other design of your choosing to the card template.

  • Glue on a decorative paper to pretty up the back (I used some music score to match the wings).
  • Cut out the wings template from card, cover with paper (or fabric or whatever) of your choosing (I used old music paper sprayed with a little Glimmer Mist, Nelma used antique book text)

  • Attach the wings to the body (I attached mine with a button and thread and the button has a touch of gold leaf on it)

  • Attach some lace or other decoration to the bottom of the body.

  • Make the legs with wire, string, or whatever you choose. (I used jewellery eye pins with some bells at the bottom)

  • Attach a loop for hanging the angel at the back

….. and there she is, all ready for Christmas!


Belinda said...

Hi Sherry These are gorgeous you did a great job. I am so excited for Christmas this year, actually I think I get excited every year lol Having young kids just makes it so much fun. I am going to make some of these angels myself, thank you for the pattern. Belinda

sassy said...

hiya...these are so brilliant love them and clever you fab tutiorial too hugs sassyxx

Malissa said...

Great tutorial! I can't wait to get started on mine for the group!

Horners Corner said...

These look really cool and what a fab tutorial too!!


Viv's Visuals said...

Hello 'Volunteer'!!!!

Great challenge..... let's see what kind of a mess I can make with this!!! LOL

Agnes the Red said...

Adorable angels Sherry....and a great challenge for the group. Really wish I could join in but all my art and craft stuff is being packed away until the new hooo!!!!!