Thursday, 13 January 2011

A Trio of Fabric Collages

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, last year I bought a piece of aida with 3 cross stitched cottages hanging on a metal hanger from a charity shop.  Although beautifully stitched the piece wasn't very inspiring and I only bought it because I liked the hanger.  When I was looking for something in my craft cupboard recently I saw it again and had an idea - I do very occasionally have them - lol.

Inspired by my copy of Sew Somerset (which I think is absolutely brilliant) I decided to use the cross stitched pieces to make some fabric collages.  I needed to make one for a swap I've joined, details may be found if you click on the badge below.

The Winter Swap has begun! Sign up through January 15th!

I cut the cottages from the main piece of aida (the stitching was so neat on the back of them!) and here's a close up of what I made with each of them.

The first one 'Ash Nook' measures 5" x 7" and will be my entry in the swap as that is the size stipulated.  The other two are slightly larger.  Each one I made was getting more and more elaborate - more lace, more embellishments - it was great fun!

I'm really pleased with the results especially as the beautiful cross cottages are now individual pieces of art set off by the framed fabric collage around them! 
Whoever the creator was must have spent many hours lovingly cross stitching the cottages and I hope I've done them justice!

I took photos as I went along when creating the last one - 'Daisy Cottage' and I will make a separate posting showing them otherwise this post will go on and on and on ....  LOL.

Thanks for looking.


Clare H said...

They are totally gorgeous!

Shelley said...

These are beautiful!!!!


Great job! And it appears you are ahead of us that have not started.....HUGS MARY

Sunset97 said...

they are very pretty...great job!!

i can't believe you are already finished and i haven't even begun on mine yet... :)

i am so glad you are in the swap too!! :)

we still have lots of snow/ice on the ground here and it is finally starting to melt...

my hubby has a job interview tomorrow so im praying that it wont refreeze tonight and that the roads will be clear of ice tomorrow... :)

have a great day/evening!! :)


Jan said...

Brilliant Sherry xx

Meggymay said...

They are gorgeous Sherry, will be looking closer at things in the Charity shop in future. xx