Saturday, 5 May 2012

My Altered Book - next steps

Firstly, I'd like to say thank you for being here -
even though you saw the awful page above, you still came!

This post is about my progress in the 
Altered Book course being run (free of charge) by
the very generous Elizabeth from her blog

This lesson was about 'Design Principles' (part one).
Elizabeth wrote an epic post all about this with
brilliant examples to demonstrate the principles.

The areas covered were
Harmony, Unity, Balance and
Proportion and Emphasis

After studying Elizabeth's post, taking notes,
thinking about it all - the above is what I came up with!

The pages were progressing ok, but I just over did it I think!
No gold star for me - lol.
At least I have the main principles rubber stamped onto
the pages, so that's a good reminder if nothing else.

Moving swiftly on, this next lesson was the
second part of 'Design Principles'.

This lesson covered
Rhythm or Pattern,

I'm pleased with this spread and think I've covered
some of the elements.

The fabric flowing from the sewing machine -
movement, it also creates a pattern and is dominant?
(I used sticky dots here and there to stick it onto the page)

The various tape measures and numbers provide the repetition,
and the pattern covers on the facing page - and also the buttons
too I suppose.

The black buttons are a contrast to the rest of the light colours.

I made the mistake of trying to sew the buttons onto the pages,
but they were far too fragile for that,
so the sticky dots came to rescue again! 

I used the same wide ribbon on this page as I used
for the closure around the book, although I'll probably add
some colour to the outside ribbon once the book is finished.

I'd like to say the flowing fabric idea was mine,
 but it was actually from a round robin journal page 
I received a few years back from the wonderfully talented
 and I blatantly copied it took inspiration from it!

Lesson 7 is now available from Elizabeth's blog
and I see it's about 'Elements of Design'
 - another big gulp from me!!!
Thanks for looking :)


Jan said...

Oh bless you! Personally I think working through an altered book is a very scary thing and you have done so well. Keep going xx

Meggymay said...

Oh my, these are super, love both the pages,but especially the flowing ribbon one
Yvonne x

Lins Artyblobs said...

Love the sewing pages!

Createology said...

Your altered book pages are so complex. I think I get overwhelmed with the learning phase of all this. I adore your sewing page and how you made it so interactive with flowing fabric and buttons and ribbon. Simply Smashing SSD...

sassy said...

this is pure dedication and excellently marks you have me in schooll mode reading your post about the lessons and i admire you for the challenge and doing a fantastic job ..going back to school days i used to do this in all my school books get congrats and all got was a wack with a ruler LOL!!!!!my books i wish i still had i bet theyd be works of art now hehe ...buti do admire you on a fantastic book...hugs sassyxx

BJ said...

Hi Sherry, Thanks for your comments on my AB. I have today made an AJ page about the house I now live in as I was moved far too much as a child - hated it - 10 different schools! horrid!
Anyway, your pages do remind me of one school subject which was my BEST, they called it Dress & Design for "O"-level then and it was my only "A" so your pages bring back lovely memories.
To be honest I quite like your lesson 5 pages, things can get messy when you are dressmaking so it reminds me of that. The fabric coming out of the machine on lesson 6 is wonderful, I felt I was actually sewing it myself. Your AB is FAB - BJ

Twinkle Star said...

Wow, I think your pages are lovely. I really love the sewing images and embellishments. Can't wait to see your next altered art x

Алексровер Анна said...

Hello Sherry! Happy Scrapbooking Day! How many new wonderful works! A sewing page is is so unusual and interesting!!

Netty said...

Both terrific pages Sherry, Annette x

Jackie said...

Fabulous pages!

Carolyn Phillips said...

Great pages, love the sewing concept and I actually like some of the top one as well, esp the way the book shows through.

Wish I had known about this course.

Jenxo said...

great pages sherry . i especially love the top one with mannequin...:)

Jenny said...

Sounds like a wonderful course Sherry... and I love both pages... I really like the top one with all the color and mannequin... our journals are just the best place the play aren't they...

Jenny x

Deborah said...

The sewing pages are beautiful and brilliant and so you, Sherry. Lesson five have that fab character constructions stamp, you lucky thing! :-) Even if you are not happy with it it's all about learning and experimenting so not wasted.

Ira Huberts said...

Lovely pages Sherry, keep up the good work! You're turning this into something really special here! Have a lovely Sunday, Ira x

My name is Cindy said...

Have been hearing about this from all over but just don't have time at the moment (do I ever?). Love what you are doing with your book Sherry.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm in love with your interpretation of Lesson 5 because you truly have identified and exhibited all the design principles. These are quite hard, and I suspect most people who teach altered books jump right in with techniques and skip the really crucial stuff. I think you have done an excellent job.

And as for Lesson 6, like everyone else, I am in love with how you displayed movement. Additionally, I believe you have covered all the principles, including dominance, because my eye immediately went to the fabric coming out of the sewing machine. See, one image can cover two principles, like this one, that covers both dominance and movement!! Way to go.

paulaexuk said...

Oh my goodness Sherry both pages are wonderful expressions of all the principles covered. I love your lesson 5 page, the subtle colour gives it balances the whole thing. Lesson 6, well what can I say that others haven't. I too love the ribbon flowing out of the page, great idea for both depth, texture and movement. I am beginning to wonder if I should have taken on this altered book course, but it is all so interesting and detailed. Great pages Sherry.

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

Oh....Beautiful pages sherry...with soooo many lovely details on all of them...what a wonderful course this are doing a fantastic job!
Jan x

Healing Woman said...

I love the altered designs on these pages. The buttons, the sewing machine, material, all fabulous. I also like the first page you show with the muted colors. I am really inspired by this post.

Susan said...

Oh woh. just woh. Your pages look so professional! I especially love the page you made for lesson 6. It's absolutely gorgeous. I love too see what you're gona make for lesson 7

Trudy said...

really really really love that sewing page...the other are great too..xx

Dawnie Prawnie said...

Sherry my lovely, your pages are amazing and I will be eagerly awaiting the next ones. I adore your theme and your interpretation covers absolutely everything so clearly. You go girl. Big hugs, Dawn x

elle said...

Your pages are beautiful. Sewing seems to incorporate all the elements and design principles so clearly. Lovely job!

sandee said...

Great job on all the elements,, and I especially love the material coming out of the sewing machine! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)