Wednesday, 19 February 2014

WOYWW, week 246 & my Craft Room Tidy Up!

It's been an absolute age since I last joined in with
desks-around-the-world link up so I thought today's the day!

 This was actually what my desk looked like yesterday -
I was working on an old canvas (revamping it) which
had altered jigsaw pieces on.  If you want to see the
finished article it's in the post below this one.

Last weekend I had a change around in my craft room.
This followed a trip to Ikea on Valentine's day
(such a romantic my husband!).

We bought a large drawer unit and a trolley
(who needs chocolate and roses anyway).

This is what under my desk looked like before - 

 I had accumulated a collection of boxes, baskets, 
metal trays and the like all which had an assortment
 of craft items in (all essential of course!)

Once that was all pulled out and the new white
drawer unit put in this is what it looked like.

I suppose it was a bit optimistic of me thinking I could
fit everything in the new unit, but I didn't do too bad.

The other end of the room used to look like this


My Big Shot die cut machine was kept on the nest of tables
and the dies stored high up on the shelves - so every time
I needed one I had to get the steps out.

Bring in the trolley!

I'm so glad my husband suggested I get the blue one
instead of the dark grey I had in mind.
The Big Shot is in the bottom tray, embossing folders
in the middle and Bigz dies in the top.
Now I can see them at a glance without having to climb.
As it's on castors it's easy to move too.

I still have some on the shelves but the ones I use
the most and now to hand.

I thought I was done when I took this photo, but then
had a further tidy up of the first shelf!

The amount of craft stuff I have is quite alarming really.
At least having sorted it out I know exactly what I have
and maybe I'll use it now .... then again .... maybe not -
but at least I have somewhere nice to store it anyway!

Sorry if I've bored you and thank you if you've made it
to the end.  If you leave me a comment, I'll come and
visit you (whether you're a WOYWWer or not).

Now to make some mess!


Twiglet said...

I need you to come and sort my storage!!! Even Max said I need to do something about it today. x jo

Алексровер Анна said...

Wow, Sherry! Now you have so tidy clean roon and wonderful accurate workplace! I love Ikea too, especially during sales. :) i wish you a lot af new wonderful creations in this room!

Sarah Trumpp said...

Love your workspace! I love those turquoise trolleys - I see them often enough to have super lust.. lol!

Karen Ives said...

It is so lovely to get new storage, It is one of my addictions! Karen#101

Deborah said...

Hurrah for ikea. Your purchases look really good, Sherry, as well as being useful. I have craftroom envy LOL.

Lisa-Jane said...

I keep seeing these trolleys and wanting one! Well done on being able to get your legs under your desk more freely now. #63

Diane said...

Oh Sherry, your work space is fabulous. I bet lots of fun ideas will be coming out of there.

Hugs Diane

Princess Judy Palmer said...

I agree with you completely--who needs chocolate and flowers when you can have stamping stuff (and yes, storage counts as stamping stuff). The tidying job looks great and the new units really helped get things in order. I think you craft more when you are better organized. And let's not talk about how we own enough to start our own store, 'k?! Thanks for the visit earlier today.

Pat Langley said...

Your workspace is super organized now. I'm jealous. I think you got just the right Valentine gift!

sandysewin said...

Your Ikea finds will be useful long after the chocolate and roses would be gone. Your room looks wonderful, great organizing!

Happy Woyww,

Sandy #4

Andrea Ostapovitch said...

The space looks great! I should share photos of my crafting space one of these days. But it's embarrassing how much stuff I have. My blog friends will be wondering why they don't see many craft projects in my posts.

Ira Huberts said...

You have a great craft room Sherry! (both when messy and tidied up ;-) Hugs, Ira
Ira’s Crea Corner

Gill Edwards said...

what a fantastic room you have there for your crafting and a thoughful hubby too, love your trolley and its a lovely blue, my fav colour.
Gill x

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Sherry,

Very cool! I agree, the blue trolley is perfect. I like the last photo with the light on - it really highlights whats on your desk.

I have some canvases that I would like to revamp too. Haven't dug them out yet though.

Thanks for visiting me already.

Happy belated WOYWW
Kay (90)

BJ said...

Long time no see, loving the revamped canvas, it shows off the jig-saw pieces much better. Great storage solutions too you must be so pleased. Must admit I have pondered doing some gilding on the soundboard of my harp as you can buy them decorated there. I'd need mirrored images - oh just thought stencils would do the trick (turned over) sorry I'm rambling! and sorry I’m a bit late replying this week, too much Winter Olympics to watch, harp to play and everything, thanks for the visit BJ#77

Jackie said...

Wow, you put my area to shame!

Julia Dunnit said...

Not bored at all! as. Friend and I spotted those metal Rolli
troll oes on a recent marathon trip round ikea. I couldn't come up with a reason, so I didn't get one. I still have no reason but ai love what you've used it for, makes so much sense! And it's a fab colour, they only had green or grey in our store.

Nelle said...

What a nice craft area you have, Mine is mainly white Ikea storage but it is so far away I never get to go anymore, so for now I will sit and drool over your new storage.. Is that what that craft room envy?
Nelle 71 xx

JansArtyJunk said...

Not boring at all..I love having a nosey at other creative peeps craft spaces...and yours is wonderful...sooo neat and tidy!...Most of my craft room is IKEA lol...SNAP...I also have that blue trolley...I've filled mine with distress inks and embellies! ...and don't be to can never have too much craft supplies LOL!! ;)

Angela Radford said...

You lucky thing, what a lovely space. You may have made some extra space but I bet you will soon fill it lol! Angela x 114

House of Bears said...

Wow, we have stash and room envy. What a great crafting space you have there.
the house of bears @# 116