Wednesday, 3 September 2008

'My Fair Lady'

I've jumped the gun a bit and made a journal page for Cindy before actually seeing her own page for real. I've seen a photo of her page on the Astrid's Round Robin blog and as I'm going on holiday next week I'm worried that on my return I'll have a pile of journal pages waiting for me, and as I've had an idea of what to do for Cindy's page for a while, I thought that I'd get on and do it! I won't post it off to Cindy yet though - just in case she has specified a colour theme which doesn't fit my page.

Cindy's theme is 'Woman' and my page isn't deep and meaningful at all! It just has a picture of a pretty woman on it which is actually an altered magazine image (Bernie Berlin style). She is embellished with a paper flower in her hair and a real chain and locket around her neck (which isn't real gold unfortunately!!) The background and woman's hair is painted with acrylic paints. The music score is an extract from the musical 'My Fair Lady' and I have decorated the back of the page with further extracts of music score from the musical too.

Although the page is quite simple, I am really pleased with how it's turned out, so if when I receive Cindy's page I discover that mine doesn't fit the brief, I'll be quite happy to keep it anyway.


Jan said...

This is lovely Sherry and beautifully made

My name is CINDY...... said...

Sorry Sherry you will have to make another one .....for yourself!! I love it, get it in the post!!! lol.

Sarah said...

that technique of overpainting a magazine image is so effective - and it looks fantastic on this page. Love the little locket.