Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Flip Flops

Flip Flops - don't ya just love 'em! I do and if I had my way would wear them all through the year - unfortunately though it does get a bit slippy in the rain so reluctantly I have to dig out something a bit more waterproof during the winter - lol. (Imelda Marcos I ain't!!)

Having just returned from sunny Spain where my summer flip flops were put to good use, I thought I'd keep the holiday feeling going by joining in with a swap hosted by Shendy over on the DoCrafts forum. The swap involves creating an ATC in the shape of a flip flop and decorate it in anyway you like. So I made some pretty ones, some sparkly ones and some yellow ones (the yellow ones are going in a lottery on New Inspirations Yahoo group). My favourite ones though are the green dirty ones!!! They have been made from foam and dirtied up with some distress ink. The toe impressions were made by pressing the rounded end of my pokey tool into the foam. They are my favourites because I have a pair just like them for real - they are my trusty garden flip flops and they live by my back door ready to serve me whenever I need to pop outside.

I hope whoever gets them in the swap doesn't find them too objectionable - lol!!

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Sian said...

These are great. I'd also wear flipflops all year round if I lived somwhere a bit warmer and drier.