Thursday, 2 October 2008


This week's theme on Maggies Monday Musings is 'Matrimony'. I found an image of a happy couple, just married and decided to place them before a stained glass window.

I had some old plastic packaging which was quite rigid so I cut that into an arch shape and painted it with some Gallery Glass paint which I've had for over 10 years. When I took the top off the bottles I expected them to be dried up, but no they were still fluid! I could have used some strong, garish colours, but decided to keep them subtle to blend with the image. A fabric rose at the top finished it off.

Now I'm thinking about how else I can use the Gallery Glass paint - otherwise it may be another 10 years before I use it again!


Hane said...

This is so great card ! And I love your story about those glass-paints, I have them too, they must be also at least 10 year old ;O)
After I saw this card of yours, I just have to find them...if I only knew where I put them ;O)
Anyway, this is so great idea !!!

Sunny Autumn to you, Sherry !

Maureen said...

Nice one Sherry, a great effect.

Jan said...

Love this one Sherry - beautiful image and the window is so effective.
I just realised I hadn't visited your blog in a while (so sorry) So have just had a happy browse through all your wonderful posts xx


Beautiful Sherry, and you well deserved the award