Sunday, 19 October 2008

UK Art Raffle - 'Dark'

This is my entry for the above raffle. This month's theme is 'Dark'.

It is a canvas 5"x7" which I've called 'Adore'. This is the first completed canvas I've done and it was a bit scary at first, but once I started it was fine! It's another beeswax collage which I started by scribbling some oil pastels in black and blue over the canvas then melted some beeswax over the top and blended it altogether.
I then put a bingo card on with more beeswax and blended that into the background. I then overlaid some white tissue to soften the overall effect. A piece of wide dark blue ribbon was then laid on and some more fibre at the bottom. The image was next - again adhered with more beeswax. Finally a ticket saying 'adore' was distressed and put at the bottom right hand corner and a flower at the top. This was quite a messy job and I ended up with pastels everywhere - so I sealed the whole thing with some porcelain gloss spray. It didn't take completely but it adds to the whole distress finish (yeah, right!!)

I am pleased with how this has turned out and it's given me the confidence to try to some more.

I hope whoever 'wins' it in the raffle likes it - if not, they could always send it back to me as I'm sure I'll find somewhere to hang it!


My name is CINDY...... said...

Well, if they send it back I'm sure I could find a home for it!! Off to look at this site now.... the only trouble with bloghopping is you end up with more and more things you want to try!!

Dee said...

This is lovely. Would be well chuffed if I won it. Dee

Sarah said...

this arrived today and it looks VERY impressive close up

I wouldn't hold your breath if you are expecting the winner to send it back!!!

thank you for the ATC too - very much appreciated


woweee, sherry, this is absolutely beautiful.
xxx margaret xxxx

Trudy said...

no cindy..nothing could get me to part with there

Sherry said...

Thanks for all the lovely comments.

...and lol Trudy - congratulations again, I'm really, really pleased for you xx


Sherry me again.
There's something nice waiting for you on my blog.
and no its not pie and mash roflol

WendyK said...

Just love this Sherry

Viv's Visuals said...

This is AMAZING Sherry!! Love it.