Monday, 6 July 2009

No Sew Fabric Doll No.2

Following on from the post below, I remembered a wooden button I had with a tribal face etched on (purchased from Button-It)and decided to make a totally different type of doll to my usual 'pretty' ones. I used scrim and cotton fibres and lots of little wooden beads to complete the look of this little warrior who is called 'Tribal Tau' I Googled some African boy's names and the meaning of Tau is 'lion' and as he looked a bit wild with his crazy mane of hair, it seemed to fit!

Although this is supposed to be a 'no sew' doll, I did actually use random little stitches here and there to attach the strips of fabric to the wadding core, instead of wire.


art raffle said...


just to let you know that the ART RAFFLE is back up and running. Sarah who was running it has now passed the rains over to me , i do hop eyou will join in again. you can now find use at



I love love my Tribal Tau!!! You did such a wonderful job. Thanks so much!!!