Friday, 10 July 2009

Presents for the Teachers

As the end of the school year approaches the question of what gift to give to the teacher arises. I volunteered to make some presents for my niece and nephew for their teachers and was told they needed five presents in total - as each class has teaching assistants as well as the main school teacher.

I wanted to make something that would be useful and pretty at the same time. After a search on the internet I found just the thing - a Post It Note Holder. Those little sticky note pads always come in useful and to put them in a pretty holder was ideal. I found a video tutorial on Stampin' Academy with Chic'n Scratch which was very easy to follow and also featured the 'Bind It All' machine. I purchased one of these machines many months ago and hadn't touched it so I finally plucked up the courage to use it, and it was so simple I don't know what I was worried about!

For the Post It Note Holders, instead of using designer scrapbook paper, I used some tissue paper I had left over from the 'Babywipe Background' technique as described in the posting on 2 May 2009. Basically, it is tissue paper with a few colours of Brusho paint dropped onto - the colours merge together and they have a wonderful intensity. The tissue paper was adhered to the card with gel medium. For the inside I used old pages of sheet music again coloured with some Brusho paint. On the front cover, a vintage child image, some text and a flower just about completed them. Very easy to do and I'm pleased with how they look.

Wonder if I'll get a gold star!


Jan said...

These are absoloutely fantastic Sherry - I LOVE them. Such a good idea, such pretty colours and images - beautifully and professionally finished with the Bind-it (MUST get one of those!!)Lovely, lovely, lovely!
p.s. I was going MAD with my Blog for a while as it wouldn't let me in, then kept freezing etc - thought it was something serious. Then found Viv was having the same problems and, as you say, it was something to do with Playlist - so I deleted mine as well and, touch wood, everything is back to normal. Very quiet though!

Dee said...

What a fab idea, they are lovely. Dee x

nancy said...

that IS a great idea. I'm sure the teaching staff will love them.

Pattie said...

WOW Sherry these are lovely what a great idea !I love my Bind it All too lol.....thankyou for comment,your right that song sticks in the mind haha....x

Viv's Visuals said...

Am sure missing all the music!!

These are just perfect gifts Sherry... I'm sure the recipients will love them!