Friday, 26 February 2010

Jiggy Mermaid .... continued!

I think I may have made my last post too long as part of it didn't appear!  I can't remember exactly what I said now, but here's the additional pictures. 

She is wearing a matching necklace and belt!  Her hair is the same as her clothing - actually part of a scarf I bought in Primark in the sale (it was only a couple of pounds)

Here's a close up of the tail, you can see the netting under the Matte Accents.

There are some random droplets of Glossy Accents over the background and into some of which I dropped blue sequins.

I attached her arms to her body with brads, and they are still moveable - well, she'll need to stretch her arms and have a swim now and again!


Nicks said...

she is gorgeous!

JaN's ArTy AtC JouRneY said...

Oh, Sherry, your mermaid is beautiful, I love your altered jigsaw piece! :)

Gez said...

Goodness she is moveable as well Sherry. I love all the little details you have thought of...her face is just beautiful especially her eyelashes & oooh what a sweet necklace. Marvelous.xx

Gini said...

Wowwee, your mermaid is Stunning!
I love her.
I really appreciate the way your describe how you make your art.
You have certainly got a big pile of stash!

How have you managed to avoid Lord of the Rings????????
It even reached deepest darkest Shropshire :-)

I have been on your flickr link in your side bar and have had a wonderful time looking at your art dolls. You are very talented my dear!
I have to say that Fluff Pot Doll completely stole my heart, your bird doll for Mad Mama. He is just brilliant!
There are just so many different ideas to try...
Your blog is wonderful inspiration Sherry!


Deborah said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous mermaid. Love all the textures. I'd better get on with my jiggy in the hope of getting you in the swap!

Dezinaworld said...

Ohhhhh love your mermaid its superb sherry, so textural and pretty in the blues

hugs June xxxxxxx