Friday, 12 November 2010

Art, Heart & Healing - Week 3

This post is about what I've done for week 3 of Tam's free art course, 'Art, Heart and Healing'

This week, there were three parts.

Firstly we had to decorate the front of our board books to incorporate an altered photo of ourselves.  As I didn't have any printed photos of myself (yeah, a likely story - lol), I used one of my niece Chloe aged about three.  It's the photo I use for my profile picture on various sites, so it does represent me in that way.

Secondly, we had to create a 'celebration' spread inside the book

Lastly, we had to make an 'empathy monster' - you can see mine (as yet un-named) at the top of this post.  The idea of this little chappie is to be empathic towards you (although he cannot speak - as we know it!) he's a great listener - and has a beautiful kind eye!

He has a lovely heart too

Most importantly of all, he loves me!

I believe there's only one more week to go - another painting, I'd better get practising again


Terry said...

What a very interesting course of art! Your book is beautifully decorated and very creative. Now the "EM" is totally adorable and I think you did a wonderful project with this lesson. Can't wait to see the next!

Healing Woman said...

You've done such a good job with everything you have made for the class. Your empathy monster is adorable. Love the daisy leg and the one eye!

Mrs A. said...

Of course he does sherry! And who wouldn't love him straight back he is soooo cute. Have a crafty Weekend.

sassy said...

hiya..wonderful all this i have missed hugs sassyx

Leslie said...

Your empathy monster is adorable!!

Meggymay said...

Great art again Sherry, the monster is FAB.

AlwaysInspired said...

I love your monster! I can't wait to get mine finished. I also love the cover of your book, the colors are just so serene.

Sam said...

Fantastic work! Love your front cover and celebration page, colours are just beautiful and love the hearts on the front cover. Your monster is great, love the eyes! I have not had a chance to do the monster yet.

akilli melek said...

love the sentiment on the book label about happiness. How funny how some things connect with you.. the little monster is very cute too. caroline

Esther said...

What a fab empathy monster - though not sure monster is the right word really he's too cute!

Thanks for the tip about stamping on dominoes with Stazon - When I've used stazon onto Alcohol inks before I've had some inconsistent results - me I think not the materials - so I played it safe!
Esther xx

Carmen said...

Hi Sherry, thanks for your lovely words on my blog and the heads up about the GA link. I've fixed it now so should hoefully work.

Yay to seeing someone else doing this class. I've only done week 1 so far but loving it completely :) Your empathy monster is gorgeous!