Monday, 22 November 2010

Footstool Revamped

Here's the old footstool revamped.

This is how it looked before

I've had this footstool for many years and when we moved into our present house (about 11 years ago) I put it under my craft desk pushed to the back and that's where it stayed - until now!

Here's what I did to transform it

Took the top and legs off and carefully ripped off the fabric.

I kept the old foam cushioning on.

I removed the covered buttons from the lid.

I used the old fabric as templates - much easier than measuring everything!

I covered some buttons with the black material and laid them out onto the fabric for the lid.

Using my trusty old staple gun, I attached the fabric around the bottom.  I love this fabric, but unfortunately didn't have enough of it to do the lid too.
The fabric is called Dress Forms by Michael Miller.

To cover the inside of the lid, I used the same fabric as for the top, it is a cream coloured brocade I've had in my material stash for ages.   As the 'Dress Form' fabric is black and white, I wasn't sure if using a cream coloured top was a good idea, but I think it works fine.  Ideally, I should attach some trim to cover the staples up - but that's for another day.

Apart from finding the corners difficult to re-cover - getting an acceptable mitred look wasn't easy, the only other thing I had trouble with was attaching the buttons to the top.  I decided to use the thread from the original buttons, but it wasn't long enough so I couldn't pull the thread through to the inside of the lid - doh!!  This means that the buttons are not as tight or as cushioned as they should be.  However, as I'm not a professional upholsterer, nor will I ever be, I think I did pretty well!

I didn't have to do anything to the legs (apart from dusting them!) as they were already black.

I've gone a bit mannequin mad lately as I bought a wire mannequin standing approx three foot high and two smaller ones which can be wall mounted.  One day soon I hope to make over the sewing area of my craft room and then all of these mannequins and the footstool can be nicely displayed -  if only I could get Kirsty Allsop in to give me a helping hand!

Thanks for looking x


Jan said...

WOW..... that's DRAMATIC Sherry! A fantastic revamp. I love the contrasting fabrics too... they work really well.

Meggymay said...

WOW, Sherry have made a fantastically brilliant job on the stool. Love the fabrics and matching buttons as well. xx

JaN's ArTy AtC JouRneY said...

Wow!! You did a fantastic job Sherry! Your stool is Stunning!!, love the fabric you used!!
Jan x

Mrs A. said...

Wow sherry. Youv'e put me to shame. This is just gorgeous. Love it even though black is not my colour.

sassy said...

wow absoloutly stunning but sadly it dosnt suit your home lol!!!!!it would look better in my new bedroom...hahahhah!!!!! only joking its a belter and would pay god money for that masterpiece well done you its fabulous and love that materisl just fabulous...clever girl hugs sassyxxxxx.

Shelly said...

love this!!!!

Terry said...

Wow!!! Your revamping of the footstool is so awesome! I really love the dressform fabric. What a fun piece! You need to enter this in Cindy's Creative Spirit she has every month on the 8th. This needs to be shared!! Love it!

Sam said...

Excellent job with the footstool! It looks so proffesional and I love the dress form fabric x

Anonymous said...

Oh wow you clever lady you !! How brilliant this is. fabulous and modern and thoroughly pleasing. well done Sherry
hugs June xxxx

Shelley said...

Beautiful footstool redo. I also sdore mannequins and would love to see photos of your wire ones. I'm off to nose in the old posts to see if you have any.

Deborah said...

Sherry, that's so groovy!I can imagine that in a very expensive Bond Street boutique. Or for sale in Heals. The dress form fabric is wonderful.

Crystal Escobar said...

Oh my gosh! You are amazing!!! I can't believe you did that all on your own! I LOVE it!!!
By the way, I'm brand new to your blog and now a new follower!!!

mustavcoffee said...

Hi there, ooh I like your desk all inky and full of stamps, doesn't come any better than that! I'm so impressed with your revamp of the stool, now instead of hiding it under your desk you'll have to give it pride of place in the middle of the room for all to see Yes!
:0) xx

WendyK said...

A fantastic revamp Sherry, well done, it's fabulous

Sandy Ang said...

Love your use of that B&W fabric with dress forms on it. After the revamp, it looks so elegant and chic. I can see why it's your fav!