Thursday, 24 February 2011

Framed it at last!

When I made my hubby a card for his birthday last October
 we both thought it'd be nice in a frame and hung in our study
 - at least, I suggested it and he agreed - lol.

Here's what the card looked like before
 and if you're interested in how I made it have a look here.

Well today, I finally got around to framing it - but only because I was sorting out my craft cupboard and right at the back found a frame I bought a few years ago and had sprayed it with some Starburst Stains.  I'd obviously run out of ideas what else to do with it so just bunged it out of sight, as you do!

Today I further decorated the outer frame with some of Tim Holtz tissue tape and toned down the brightness with some metallic rub ons.  The lace I attached with upholstery tacks which I was able to just push into the frame by hand as it's made of that stiff cardboardy stuff.

The inside part of the frame I rubber stamped onto tissue paper and adhered with gel medium and added a bit of gold ribbon to the top and bottom.

The finishing touch I must confess wasn't made by me - the Secret Garden embellishment was a brooch I got free from LB Crafts at the last Ally Pally show (for spending a silly amount of money there no doubt!).  I removed the pin at the back and using E6000 adhered it to the frame. 

This photo has a strange red glow about it - I think it may have been the reflection from the bright red T shirt I'm wearing!!!  Either that, or I really do need some lessons in basic photography.

I showed the framed card to John and he made the appropriate appreciative noises, so if I'm lucky he might even put it up on the wall!!

Finally here's a photo of the inside of my craft cupboard - you'll see my new eleven drawer plastic unit I got from Hobbycraft yesterday.  I did have plans to fill the drawers with specific items but having had to make room in the cupboard for it, I just ended up filling them with things which had been on the floor or in separate little tubs in there. 

As you can see I do still need to sort out all that fabric though, but it is a lot tidier than it was before though - honest!

Why can't tidying the rest of the house be as much fun as that was!


oneoff said...

The card looks great in the frame; the texture there is gorgeous. I spy a Sanctuary box in your cupboard; I use mine to store all my little ink pads and the acrylic blocks. Love those new storage drawers - could have loads of fun stocking them!


Jan said...

LOVE those flowers.... and the card looks great in the frame.
Had to laugh at your 'tidying up' in your craft room.... we can never have enough space can we..... I find even when I buy a new set of drawers it doesn't make any difference whatsoever lol

Ira said...

Your card was already gorgeous, but now it's framed it's stunning! It'll make a beautiful piece on your wall. And I'm glad to see you are not the only hoarder in blogland Sherry, LOL!

Andrea said...

What a gorgeous card! And even better in the frame. I hope he puts it up.

Mrs Moen said...

It seems like you put it aside for a reason; it was just waiting for the perfect frame and you've got it! Sometimes all the forces of the great cosmos have to be just so for us to create the perfect whatever-it-is. It just don't want to be created before that happens; at least I keep telling myself so as I keep pushing a few should-have-done's into the future.

Terry said...

The card is gorgeous, but so incredible framed. Love what you did with that beauty! I have my craft closet that I want to put in shelves and drawers to be better organized. It might be nice to find things I know I have!!!

Meggymay said...

The frame for your gorgeous card is brilliant, so many details to look at. Hope you get it on the wall soon. xx

Mrs A. said...

This is superb Sherry. Just love what you have done with the frame.It is gorgeous.For a moment I thought you had entered a swap and I had missed it! Lol.

Createology said...

Love how you framed such a special handmade card. Now it is important...which is why you made it. Happy organizing in those fabulous drawers.

Joanne Huffman said...

The frame makes the card look like the piece of art it is.

PetraB said...

Your card in the frame looks very artsy, just perfect! And such a wonderful memory!

Gini said...

Wow your card looks even better than it did before!
Beautifully framed Sherry :-)
I'm sorry I missed your OWOH and so glad you enjoyed it!


Jinny Holt said...

WOW WOW AND WOW looks flipping fantastic- love it! Are the flowers metal?
Nice stash you have there Sherry!!!

Have a good weekend


Elaine Akers said...

I think your framed card turned out really well. What a nice rememberance.
My craft room really needs a good going thru. I tend to be a pack rat and save everything, because you just never know when you may need it. Not always such a good thing, because then most times I can't find what I am looking for.
You have a fun blog and I have enjoyed visiting.
Glad your OWOH mermaid tag arrived.

Deborah said...

Looks great in the frame, Sherry. It's often difficult to know what do with handmade cards apart from file them away or pin them on a board. But this works really well!

Minxy said...

The frame is stunning, as is the card, a perfect combo..
And wow you have alot of fabric!

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

Your card looks great in your beautiful frame, love the lace.
I just love Tim Holtz tissue tape!
Great craft stash too!!
Jan x