Tuesday, 2 August 2011

More Stamp and Shrink Charms

Following on from yesterday's post I've made three more charms
for the 'Stamp and Shrink Charm' swap.
Thank you to those who left me lovely comments, I really do appreciate them!

I used these stamps this time

The oriental looking one is 'The Calligraphy Robe' from
 Stampington and Company.
 I stamped it onto black Shrink Plastic then coloured over it in part
with gold acrylic paint, which on reflection wasn't the best idea as it's covered up most of the detail on the robe!  I don't much care for the face either
as it looks like a negative print.  Maybe I'll make another on white Shrink Plastic.

On the plus side though, I like the hanging beads and Chinese coins
which are quite tactile and make a pleasing sound when jangled.

For the next one I used three stamps from the 'London Underground'
from the Artistic Outpost - I just love these stamps!
I used clear Shrink Plastic this time which I much prefer as once
shrunk you can still see the image from the back.

Finally, I did another from the Character Constructions set,
but this time on black Shrink Plastic and StazOn opaque 'cotton white' ink.

I have a few tips I'd like to share -
and if I don't record them here, I'll only forget about them!!
  • Once shrunk the shrink plastic can be embossed with embossing powder - I did this on the reverse of one of my charms then rubber stamped an image into it, it's great for covering up an untidy back.  I did read this on another blog but can't remember whose it was - sorry!
  • When cutting out the rubber stamped image from the Shrink Plastic leave a slight silhouette around it - ie, don't cut right into the edge of the image.  This gives the image more definition and it looks better.
  • Finally, this one is from Lesley who has discovered that ACETATE also works well to shrink.  I shall be trying that one out!                      Thanks again Les!
EDIT:  I tried out the acetate, but it didn't shrink for me :(
I used a heat gun and quite thick acetate - maybe it depends upon
the type of acetate and the method used for shrinking?
If you have a go I'd be interested in hearing how it went for you.


Mrs A. said...

Come on now admit it you have caught the bug for using shrink plastic!! I love the stuff. Didn't know the bit about using Acetate. Off to have a go now. right where's my heat gun? Hugs Mrs A.

Terry said...

I tell you that stuff is very addicting! Love these charms! I will have to try acetate!

Lesley said...

Wow loving these charms Sherry, I had to come back to look at the new ones. I take it you punch the holes for the dangles before you shrink? I love the character construction charms, must check the stamps out somewhere???? I hope everyone has good luck with acetate. I found that out by accident one time and I tried it again the other day, I just cut a piece and shrunk it to see and yes it does the same thing as shrink plastic. Hope everyone has a go at it, might be a whole lot cheaper and fun too.
Les ♥

peggy aplSEEDS said...

what wonderful charms! my favorite is the dress form. i just love love love it! how exciting to find out that i can try this with acetate since i don't think shrink plastic is available here. thanks for sharing!

mr.Blackout said...

Мне однозначно нравится этот брелок..))
I want it!!!

PeggyR said...

You did a great job!

Cindy Is Crafty said...

How cool, Sherry!

Renee Stien said...

sherry, your charms turned out so great. mine went in the trash pile so kudos to you for such a great job!

Sussie said...

Beautiful artwork!