Saturday, 26 November 2011

Here Come The ...... Angels

I recently took part in a handmade Christmas ornament swap

Button Floozies
on the Button floozies blog.

The brief was
"Definition of a button ornament:
A Christmas ornament made to hang on a tree or to be a small shelf or table accent, that is decorated with buttons. The buttons do not necessarily need to be the only decoration element of the ornament -- but it should be a main or special element of the decoration. Your ornament should be handmade"

I decided to make some Button Angels as this was a good
excuse to make some more little clay faces which if you are
a regular visitor here, will know I'm just a little bit fond of!!

Each angel consisted of a triangle body and wings shape.
Here's my templates - they're crumpled as I had binned them,
but then thought they might be a useful reference to have on this post.

The bodies were cut from white felt (2 triangles for each angel)
A piece of wood to be glued between the triangles.

I hand stitched the buttons on the fronts
(it didn't take all that long really)
For the back I had sequins on a strip of fabric so they
were easily (and quickly) hot melt glued on.
The heads were hot melt glued onto the tops of the wooden sticks.

The wings were cut from white felt too
and embellished with wide gold ribbon
which I needlefelted on.

All the layers were then put together - a little bit
of hot melt glue down the stick and some hand stitching
down the sides and they were (almost) done.

All they needed now was some hair and a crown.

The hair was wool from a scarf
and the crown some glittery ribbon.

Here's some close ups

(Do you like the colour of our bedroom wall by the way - lol)

I glued a loop of gold thread at the back so they could hang.

All the three ladies I was grouped with have now received
their angels and I'm delighted that they are pleased with them.
I also received three lovely ornaments back which I'll blog
about separately.

Thank you all for a lovely swap
and to Laurie of Button Floozies for organising this.

Finally, thank YOU for looking xx


Jenxo said...

oooh im liking these sherry, love your little faces too....

Jenny said...

They are just gorgeous Sherry... love all the buttons...

Jenny x

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

Oh these little darlings are adorable Sherry, I've got a thing about Angels, Crowns and Buttons...So I just LOVE these !! Jan x

Mrs A. said...

And they are even better in the flesh so to speak. Lol. My little darling is the close up picture. I would recognise her anywhere!! She is destined for the top of my tree this year. Thanks so much Sherry.

MLBetterly said...

Wow, Sherry! They turned out gorgeous!

Terry said...

I just love these button angels! So sweet and would be perfect on any Christmas Tree! Have a great weekend!

Lesley said...

Sherry, these are ADORABLE. I have this mold I got on sale. Looks exactly like these faces. I love these and I am sure your swap partners will love hanging them on the tree. Thanks for sharing all the deets too. We like deets.
Lesley xo

Createology said...

Your button angel ornaments are as lovely as you my dear. Blissful creating...

Bibi said...

Oh, wowww! Your angels are SO cool! (and I love your bedroom wall color, too! *s*)
Thank you for sharing step by steps; I really want to try this!

Sam said...

These are so beautiful, I love them! The wings are so lovely and the little crowns finish them off perfectly. How do you make the clay faces??? Love the wall colour in your bedroom, my bedroom is exactly the same colour!!!

Ira said...

These look truly angelic Sherry, these little angels are so serene with their eyes closed, as if they are listening to the angels sing. Such beauties! Hugs, Ira

Meggymay said...

They are real beauties, the button dresses look amazing. Like the colour of your wall as well.
Yvonne x

Netty said...

Loving your button fairies and thanks for the demo. x

Healing Woman said...

They are just adorable. You sewed all those buttons on..what a labor of love.

Ana Cristina Caldatto said...


Chloe said...

I love the buttons on your angels.
they're beautiful!!!

Laurie said...

Thank you for showing us how you made them! They are amazing! How creative and special you made them!

Bunty said...

I was thrilled to receive one of these heavenly angels and thanks for showing how you made them Sherry - it's so interesting to see tutorials on things you wouldn't attempt yourself!


Deborah said...

These will be ornaments to treasure for decades to come, I'm sure. They are lovely. The ribbon crowns as a fab idea and so effective.

Nook & Cranny said...

Love the angels, beautiful

Cindy said...

Love your button angels. I'm visiting from Button Floozies and your newest follower!

Something Special said...

These are so nice. Just so artsy, I love them.

Ann said...

These are unbelievable. Just gorgeous.

WW said...

I love your angels, I'm jealous of the people in your group.

Deborah said...

So cute Sherry. i love the little faces and all the pearly buttons you sewed on.


Oh Sherry, they are so adorable! I wished that I had been early enough to get in on the swap. Always too much to do. Anyway, you have done a fabulous job! Thanks for the tutorial!

The Junque Seeker said...

These are lovely!

Gini said...

Absolutely fantabulous Sherry, needle felting eh? Very impressed here.
Your tutorial is also wonderful too.
If these lovely angels don't give folk a life long love of buttons I don't know what will!

Becs said...

SHerry what ana awesome tutorial@ Love those angels they are perfect@ Becs