Sunday, 13 November 2011

She-Art - the journey continues.

I've completed week 2 of this on line course -
click on the picture below if you want more details.

This week it was all about creating layers -
 landscapes and clothing and of course, two more She Art Girls.

I was a bit more adventurous this week and worked on
 artists' canvas board although only small ones
measuring 7" x 5".

For the background of this one, no scrapbook or other papers
were used, just paint, sprays, crayons etc.
Apart from the birds that is, they are gingham fabric.
I originally cut a 'bird shape' from paper,
but as my husband pointed out when I showed him
it looked a bit like a daschund dog sitting on a line - lol -
it really did, and was far too big - so I scraped it off
and rubber stamped two birds onto fabric and am
much happier with the overall look.

The layered skirt is created with strips of paper
folded up to resemble ruffles.

I think she looks a bit like a bag lady.
Do you remember the lovely song
".... carrying her home in two carrier bags ..."
My bag lady has left London behind for the day
and had a day out in the countryside.

I decided to make the next one a bit brighter.

This time scrapbook paper was used as a starting point
for creating the landscape - then a little bit of everything else!
(I don't think my craft room has ever been messier!)

The dress has a layered skirt.

The words I chose are from a selection provided by
"She knew where she was from"
and this reminded me of another song
My girl - or should I say Marie-Claire has left
".....St Moritz and the others of the jet-set....."
for the day and has joined the Bag Lady for a day in the
English countryside!

The final week of the course is next and it's about
creating a She-Girl based on our own photograph - doh!
Don't like the sound of that, but I'll have a go.

Thanks for looking :)


Deborah said...

Those layered skirts are brilliant, Sherry. Looking forward to seeing the She-you next week :-)

Sam said...

Beautiful! I love the bag lady one!! The layered skirts are amazing and I love all the layers of paint, ink stamps etc. x

Andrea said...

Great work! It sounds like a lot of fun. Should be very interesting creating one out of a photo of yourself.

Lins Artyblobs said...

Lovely She Art. Your words 'I don't think my craft room has ever been messier!' made me smile, sounds like mine.

SusanLotus said...

Beautiful artwork!
Interesting to see the different layers.

Meggymay said...

Fantastic pieces of art, love the layers and those skirts. Yvonne x

Ira said...

I am a huge fan of your work Sherry, the way you dress up your dolls is absolutely remarkable. Look at those skirts! And then there's your fabulous backgrounds, superb pieces of art! Thanks for this lovely eye candy. Have a great evening, Ira x

Jan said...

I love what you are doing with these Sherry... fabulous effects.... well done xx

Gini said...

Very very lovely, especially the dimensional dresses.
So much detail and colour in each one :-)
I remember the songs, and your bag lady is very smart for a bag lady!
The second brighter lady looks like Babs from Pan's People...

For next week and your self portrait I think you need to have your feet being nibbled by the fishy's, can you be standing in shallow water? I am finally coming around to the idea that your pedicure last year is not the stuff of nightmares but kind of cool (Only took me a year to come around to liking something new, which is not bad going for me!)

artangel said...

Gorgeous work - love all the rich textures. The paper strips in the ruffle skirt are an ingenious idea!

Createology said...

These She Art pieces are enchanting. As you describe these two girls are quite opposite. Lots of details in the layering process which adds so much. Serene Sunday dear...

Mrs A. said...

Still playing catch up. Had to go back for a look at your 1st week of She Art. I'm impressed. Looks fun. These two are so different and love the backgrounds you have put them on. Waiting with baited breath for week 3!!! Had a look at this class but sadly out of reach of my pocket at the moment. Hugs Mrs A.

Fallingladies said...

These are wonderful, I so want to do that class!

Jean Elizabeth said...

Love these!

Terry said...

Love these! So much amazing and interesting details! You are one big talent! Have a great evening!

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

Sherry..these are Stunning...You sure look like you are having heaps of fun with this course...I'm soooo tempted to do this class!
Looking forward to seeing you as a She Art girl ;)
Jan x

Healing Woman said...

I do love your she art. The skirt with folded paper reminds me of some of the outfits you place on your paper art dolls. This technique fits right in with your style Sherry.

Renee Stien said...

Sherry, your paintings are wonderful, they compliment your clay face girls perfectly!

Minxy said...

WOW your she art dolls are amazing xo

Lynn said...

I am loving your She Art canvases, I am so behind on the classes, would love to try some more, you are doing just wonderful :)

Nina Lise Moen said...

I love these, Sherry! I checked out the class when you posted about it earlier, and it's on my list of fun things to do when my schedule clears. I want it even more now after seing these!

Jackie said...

They are both utterly gorgeous, Sherry!