Saturday, 14 January 2012

Not So Friendly Plastic!

 I saw a blog post recently from
who had found a box of Friendly Plastic amongst her craft stash that
 she'd bought many years ago when it was being
 sold off in a closing down sale.
She offered to share some of her supply but said as it was so
old it was quite brittle.

This is what she very kindly sent me (along with some Grungeboard pieces)

The individual strips were all in tact (apart from one tiny bit that had
broken off) when it arrived and I thought that it was fine.

When I cut into a strip though it shattered into tiny pieces!

Elaine was right - it had become brittle with age.
I compared it with some of my own strips (which I'd bought about 
four years ago) and although they looked the same,
the newer ones were much more pliable and didn't
snap when flexed.

However, I kept calm and carried on - spoke to it nicely
and the plastic became friendly again!!!

I cut the brittle plastic and made little piles of it
on my black craft sheet - starting with the red central cross
and heated it with my heat gun - and it all melted together nicely.
I then made piles for the white sections and then the blue -
it melted into each other so the Union Jack flag
took on a rather stylised image, but I quite liked the effect.

I made a little post it note book using two chipboard covers
with a Bind-it-all spine and hot glued the Friendly Plastic flag on.

The 'Keep Calm and Carry On' is a rubber stamped image
from the 'London Underground' set from 'Artistic Outpost'.

I stamped another image from the same stamp set
onto the back of the book.

This little book will be winging it's way over to Elaine
as a thank you for her generosity.

Thanks for looking x


Mrs A. said...

Only bought my friendly plastic a few months ago so reckon I've got at least 3yrs before I need to panic!!!!. Hugs Mrs A.

Anesha said...

What a wonderful creation. Thanks for letting me know that it goes brittle, must check mine,bought it over 9 years ago!

Maureen said...

Well done Sherry - a true brit action!!!

PetraB said...

I love your little book, it is brilliant how you rescued the brittle firendly plastic!

Netty said...

Great rescue operation and a fabby book. x

Terry said...

Oh I bought some and hope it will not be too brittle! Well it sure looks like your remaining calm and carrying on worked out beautifully! Great book! Happy Weekend!

Sam said...

This is lovely, the union jack is great! I have never used friendly plastic before so Have no idea how you use it, but this looks like fun so maybe I will have to check it out! I really like the stamps you used. You always make such great stuff!! x

Deborah said...

Now that really is using up your stash LOL Good to see you back in blogland - was wonderign where you and Jan had gone.

Ira said...

Now there's a great British feel to your creation, love it Sherry! See, even after a 'fight' things can become right again ;-) Hugs, Ira

Elaine Akers said...

Sherry...sorry that the FP was so brittle. I read on the FP website that you can recondition it by putting it in the oven for a bit. I have yet to try that with my stash of FP. I never see FP sold in the craft stores.
My FP broke apart, but I was able to able to use it for some projects. It melts great with the heat gun.
I love the little book you created for me, and can't wait to see it up close and personal. I also LOVE the stamps you used. When I visited England I went to a stamp store in York and in London..Blade Rubber. I wonder if those stores are still there. I bought some English themed stamps. Do you have any good websites to share? Elaine

Lins Artyblobs said...

Cute little book. I have some ancient FP somewhere, must find it out - on my to do list. Elaine - Blade rubber have an website as well as a store.

Sherry Edwards said...

Thanks for all the comments :)

Elaine - no apology necessary - it's good to know that it can still be used even though it's past it's best! I posted the little book off to you this morning - air mail, glad you like it - hope it arrives in one piece!

Blade Rubber Stamps is still going strong in London, their blog and link to the website and shop is

Susie Jefferson, designer of Blade Rubber Stamps has her own blog too

Some other nice London themed rubber stamps are made by Darkroom Door (I don't have these - yet!)

Finally, another nice website I've seen (although, again I haven't bought off them - yet!) is

Hope that helps!

I'll email this info to you too :)

sassy said...

well i think its a super job and loving that good old britishness if there is such a word we do it so well and just carry on think were fmous for that eh!! brilliant work of art and sherry just carry on doing these brilliant works of art hugs sassyx

Vicky said...

Love how you've used up the strips to make this lovely book - so creative. I would have thrown them away! :)x

Jackie said...

It was worth the struggle with the old friendly plastic - the book looks fab!

Lesley said...

Sherry love your fortitude with the FP. It is amazing stuff even if it was brittle. You turned it into a masterpiece.
Haven't see FP around my neck of the woods in years.
Enjoy the rest of it and Carry On Friend.

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

I'm so glad you kept calm and carried on Sherry, loving your FP flag...You are soooo creative!! Your lil book is Fab!!
...and loving those stamps too :)
Jan x