Wednesday, 18 January 2012

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday Week 137

... or to be precise, look at what's on my workdesk Tuesday evening.
I am going to try to schedule this post to appear on Wednesday
(no, don't laugh - as the last and only time before that
 I tried to schedule a post I failed miserably -
 so if I fail again I'll expect a few titters -
mostly from me!)

Anyway, back to my desk ....  I made a card - yay!!
This is a 'tent fold card' which I hadn't heard of before
seeing some in the February edition of
Craft Stamper magazine.
On pages 28 to 31 Joanne Wardle shows how to make
these simple and interesting cards which hold a secret panel -
a pull out strip of card which can be re-used as a bookmark.

Supplies I used to make the card were:
Artistic Outpost stamps - 'London Underground' set
Tim Holtz Kraft-Core Nostalgic Collection card
A Sizzix embossing folder (I wish they'd put the name on the folder)
Gold Pen, ribbon and a few brads.

What else is on my desk?

The parcel at the front in heart wrapping paper
is for a Valentines Day craft swap I'm taking part in.
I can't show a photo of what I made yet as it's all very secret squirrel!

The pile of papers towards the back are what I retrieved
from the loft last week including my old school reports, old letters
and photographs etc.  I am going to use copies of some of it
on a small canvas for the final part of the

the She Art Workshop

- I just haven't got around to it yet - you know how it is!

There's a few wooden blocks on the desk too - I ripped some of the
red rubber (stamps) from them last week - and very satisfying it was too.
I just need to remove the very sticky residue,
and then decide what to do with the blocks.

Finally, on the pile of old papers you may be able to see
a large sheet of pink scrapbook paper, glass beads,
a pink silk flower and a silver butterfly.
These were items sent to me by my lovely blogging friend
who challenged me to a '4 piece swap' -
we send four items to each other and make something
with them adding items from our own stash and then send it back.

I keep changing my mind as to what to make!
At least it's keeping the old grey matter working.

If you want to see more workdesks hop on over to Julia's blog
where you can have a great nose around!

Thanks for visiting - if you have a desk on show this week,
I'll try to come and look at yours - and even if you haven't,
I'll still come over - delaying tactics for the 4 piece swap
(shhh, don't tell Mrs A!!)

Ta-ta for now!


Netty said...

Terrific working desk, love your card and all the other bits and pieces. x

Cindy Is Crafty said...

Wow, you have been so busy that Wednesday comes a day early! ;o) Maybe it is the time difference.

Love it all and anxious to see what you make with the 4 items.

Nina Lise@Mrs Moen said...

I think I have to come over and have a look at all the stuff on your desk, Sherry. When I am at the craft store, I admire all the doodahs and have no idea what they are for. I do however recognize some of the brand names from your blog, so there's some progress. Your blog is such an inspitation for me to try out a different medium, and I'm gathering supplies like a squirrel before winter, looking forward to when I have time to dig into them all. I am glad to see that you mixed media girls are just as much hoarders as us quilters!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

That card is impressive and sort of goes along with the patriotism being shown this year. Gotta love the wrapping paper for your secret squirrel. Way too early for me to think about these, though. Happy WOYWW from #1.

Helen said...

Great desk, and such secrets - those parcels look very inviting. Happy WOYWW.

sandra de said...

I loved the She Art workshop (actually I have done all of Christy's workshops) and have now signed up for March. I can't get enough. cute wrapping paper for secret squirrel.

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

Fab tent fold card those stamps.
Looking forward to seeing what you and Mrs A make with your Fun 4 item swap :)

Neil said...

Thank you for sharing a bit of your world with us WOYWWers this morning! I hope you have a wonderful week. I saw those cards and think yours looks great and I'm intrigued by the 4 piece swap idea.
Neil # 34

May said...

Fantastic creative desk, lots going on super, Hugs May x x x

Sarah said...

A great creative space and a fab take on the CS cards - love the AO images!!! Thanks for sharing with WOYWW? today! Sarah at 4.

Trish Latimer said...

Love the card Sherry!
Can't wait to see the canvas....Love canvases!
Trish #52

Enfys said...

Oooh, lots of lovely sneaky peeks here, thanks for sharing
Enfys x

Deborah said...

You should submit that card to Craft Stamper, Sherry - it is fantastic (even if the unbiquitous 'Keep Calm and...' franchise is driving me nuts LOL.
I have that pink lampshade paper, or similiar, that came with some stamps I ordered (papermania?). I have no idea what do with it either so will keep a beady eye on your blog.

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Oh, I remember reading about the 4-piece swap so how cool to see what you got for it. Lots of potential in those pieces.

I've not seen a tent fold card either but it is a neat one. That's different that the one piece pulls out.

ScrappnBee said...

Oooh! Love the idea of a four way swap. That red card is stuning! I love the way that you get a card and a book mark in one! Thanks for sharing! Happy WOYWW- Amanda 40

Twinkle Star said...

I love the first card it is great! Looks like you will be busy with all you makes x

JoZart said...

Very "IN" card for this year. Patriotism will be big for sure. It's a great idea of a structure.. Glad you are impressed at my big tidy up and I always offer to go to clear up for anyone else as long as I can bring a big bag and help myself to the stash on their desk! No takers YET!
Lv JoZarty x

My name is Cindy said...

What a bust desk - as always - I am sure you don'y need anything to keep your grey matter working!! I haven't yet mastered the art of the scheduled post or the sticky post at the top of the blog - one day!! Thanks for popping by to see me. Cindyxx

Beckyt said...

What a brill card I love it. Thanks for sharing your desk.
Becky #45

Mrs A. said...

Goodness me Sherry that is spooky maybe we are physic after all(both having men in uniform on our desks.)Thought that pile of pinkness looked familiar! Nearly decided between eeny, miney & mo what to make for you with yours. Get away with you already making your valentine swap gift. Mines all in my head still. Off for a Muvergate weekend tomorrow so wish me luck. Bound to have loads of tales of woe to tell. Hugs Mrs A.

Terry said...

Fabulous card! Love how you used those stamps and the embossed background works so well! Hope you are having a great week!

DW Peot said...

WOW! Fab! It seems as if you have had a busy week! Happy Wednesday! I'm working my way through the WOYWW. I think that the swap of items you are doing is fabulous!TFS!

okienurse said...

Great desk! Looks like you have had a busy week this week. Have fun with the gift swap! Have a great week and thanks for sharing! Vickie #33

Sam said...

Great card, those stamps are gorgous. I like the fact you get a bookmark with it. I wonder what you will make with your swap stuff?! x

Ira said...

I must say your desk looks very inviting to me, it contains some of the most gorgeous items, love your card, it's brilliant! Hugs, Ira x

joanne wardle said...

Yes!!!! brilliant take on my article. love it, you totally got it. thanks so much for letting me know you used it. I hope that you'll continue to use it.

Brenda B said...

Very patriotic card you've made. I imagine we'll be seeing a lot more of that this year. Great desk, and very busy too, how fun with Mrs A's parcel of goodies.

Brenda 104

Samantha Read said...

Loving your blog! :o)

505whimsygirl said...

Oh, so much to see here. Very nice and creative.

About the wood blocks. I would paint on them..... maybe do something from the She Art class? I want to take that, by the way.

Happy WOYWW (Thursday and I'm still looking at links!!)


Katie said...

I love that first card! Love the motto on it! I needed a reminder to keep on!

Katie (112)

karen said...

Fabulous card you have made! And the recipient gets a cool bookmark as well! I have a stamp with that saying too but I haven't used it yet. Seeing your card makes me want to go dig it out!
Can't wait to see what you come up with for your 4 piece swap!
xoxo Karen

Kathy said...

Love the card.. and what's on your desk.. very pretty.. need to find can hardly wait to see your swap items..

Robin Panzer Art said...

Great cards! Thanks for the peek! LOL I had to read fast your jingle bell sound effect has all 4 of my dogs barking! Happy WOYWW #23 ~Robin Panzer Art Studio 33

Lou said...

Brill tent card, Hope you have a good week x Lou x

Katie said...

I love the tent card with the secret bookmark!

Happy WOYWW (on Monday!)
Katie #16

scrappymo! said...

Love that card!

Did you make the little pink flower...very pretty!