Saturday, 1 September 2012

Craft for the boys - but the girls helped too!

Last weekend me and hubby helped Aaron, my nephew make a 
play surface / layout for him to use with his toy soliders / warriors.
I'm not sure what they are exactly, but they're called Warhammers
and everything associated with them is so expensive, so we
decided to have a go at making something ourselves. 

My hubby provided the base board, he'd made several years
ago for a railway layout, but which he'd never used.

The first step was to shape some polystyrene into hillside shapes.

The hills then needed to be glued into place -
expertly done by big sister Chloe.

Then the best bit - covering the whole lot with Plaster Cloth.

Once finished this is what it looked like.

Once dry, the entire board was painted with some old emulsion
paint from our garage.

The following day, the finishing touches were added.
PVA glue and sprinkles of sand

 Then scenic scatter materials
(again from hubby's model railway stash)

It looks a little unfinished to me but Aaron liked
the sand-scape look of it.

Here's a closer shot

Aaron's now happy to have somewhere to fight his battles
(or whatever the Warhammers do!)
.... it didn't cost a fortune and was enjoyable for us to all help make.
Result all around!


sassy said...

wow can you ask him if ican play ...that looks fabulous i bet he will treasure it for years and so much better than if he could have bought one...fabulous family at sassyxxxxxxxxx

Meggymay said...

Looks like a real fun project. He will enjoy playing with this for a good long while.
Yvonne x

Jan said...

What a fabulous idea Sherry and how wonderful to involve the children in making it. You are the 'bestest' of aunties !!

Deborah said...

Reminds me of when my Dad made a wooden fort for my little brother. Your sandscape is far better than any shop bought piece of - no doubt - plastic.

Twinkle Star said...

Fantastic - bet he will hours of fun on that!

Estelle xx

Ira Huberts said...

Oh how cool is this! I can see why your nephew and niece love to spend some time with you and your DH, you sure give them lots of sweet attention! Hugs, Ira ♥

Jenxo said...

rewally cool, the kids wouldve loved helping too... my brother used to have his palstic soldiers and soldiers spread all the lounge room with sheets draped over stuff to create hills , this look smuch better :)

BJ said...

Really missed you blogging, been using my pattern tissue alot lately and one of your diecuts came in handy for my sewing mini album too. Loving your jewellry and the warhammer base is super cool. My DS started on it all but gave up unfortunately - one day perhaps..........BJ

JansArtyJunk said...

Wow!! How fantastic is this!!..and it looks like a lot of fun too! What a cool auntie you are Sherry, they must LOVE visiting you!! x

Gini said...

I'm glad to see you having fun with your nephew and niece. They look so big now!
What a great scene you all made :-)
I remember doing one of those boards for my eldest, only he wanted to fight his dinosaurs on it! Hmmmm on the fighting - now it's XBOX fighting, so long as they can pretend to kill something they are happy - boys eh!