Tuesday, 10 February 2009

ATCs from Famous Works of Art!

A new group has just been formed over on Flickr by Melody (AKA artsy fartsy queen) called Famous Works of Art ATCs . The idea is every Monday, Melody will challenge everyone to, and in her words 'recreate famous works of art on an ATC. Not an exact copy of it necessarily but your interpretation of the famous piece' For this first week's challenge the work of art she has chosen is Leonardo da Vinci - 'Lady with an Ermine in Cracow'.

Seeing as I'm a complete philistine I'm ashamed to say I'd never heard of this piece before - so thank goodness for the internet - I could read all about it on Wikipedia.

So it appears the 'Lady' with the ermine may have been a young girl of about 16 called Cecilia Gallerani who was the mistress of Leonardo's employer Ludovico il Moro, the Duke of Milan. She is holding a pet ermine (thought to have been associated with aristocracy although it is also believed to have actually been a white ferret instead!)

I chose to give the image of the painting the Bernie Berlin treatment - using her technique for altering magazine images, by using gesso, acrylic paints and pens. I called my ATC 'A Present from Luddy' - as I thought maybe Cecilia had been given the pet by her lover Ludovico.

I'm glad I joined this new group now as not only is it fun to play around with the works of art (so to speak), but I can also learn a little bit about them (may come in useful in quizzes - told you I was a philistine!!)


Jan said...

Love this Sherry - you've captured it beautifully.
Great new site. I've put my name down to join (as if I hadn't got anything else to do!)

Artyfax said...

Hi Sherry, I still think this technique is a great way of altering art and you have done a wonderful job with this particular piece.

I have also joined this new group but missed out on the first challenge, will have to find a little time for the next one