Saturday, 16 July 2011

Alice in Art Journalling Land

I love looking at all the journalling pages that I see on blogs
- not because I’m nosey and like to read the entries (although that’s true too!), but to see the beautiful backgrounds and vibrant colours.

When I saw Kate Crane’s new DVD called ‘Art Journaling’ advertised
I decided to buy it even though I’ve no intention of starting to journal, but to learn some of the wonderful background techniques.

I loved the DVDs and Kate’s relaxed style and would thoroughly recommend them - but be warned, you may then want to invest in some of the paints and dyes she uses too - namely Dylusions from Art from the Heart, unless of course you've already got them.

So, once I’d stocked up (now dreading the credit card bill!!) I decided to have a play and get messy!

I used a sheet of A4 thick cardstock and tried a few of the techniques on both sides of the card. I was so pleased with the results and especially like the mantra Kate uses over and over that there are no mistakes in art!
Anything goes!

I cut the painted card into strips and made a couple of simple cards using the Alice stamp from The Octopode Factory. I stamped the image onto book pages (of an old Alice in Wonderland book I bought in a charity shop) and also cut a few lines from it too and edged them with black watercolour pencil.

She's quite a scary looking Alice and I think she looks good in
contrast to the colourful background.

As it's rainy and overcast today I may well dip into
some more of the colourful paints and see what happens!

Thanks for looking x


Denise said...

oooh so tempting,I love to play like that.Looks like you were having so much fun.Came out wonderful.

Netty said...

Wow Sherry, you are having the greatest fun and with smashing results. Love them all. Have a great weekend, Annette x

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

Oh, these look fab Sherry :)
That DVD look v. interesting!! it might just have to go on my birthday list LOL!
Love that Alice stamp, and you did a great job with the backgrounds!
Jan x

Kim Dellow said...

Fabulous Sherry! Kim

Gez said...

Fabulous artwork Sherry. Kate's dvd is just the best! Glad you had fun making backgrounds. Have a great weekend. Gez.

Jenxo said...

oooh looking good sherry , and there are no mistakes so much much fun just to play with no expectation..

Sam said...

These look fab Sherry! I am saving for Kates DVD as I love her style and have learnt loads of techniques from her articles in craft stamper and reading her blog. I have the paints and sprays (xmas and Bday pressies last year!)and must say they are the best paints I have used as they dont muddy up and the colours are wonderful.

Nicks said...

I love Kate's work and her DVD's - come on give journalling a go - you will be brilliant at it x

Healing Woman said...

Sherry, somehow I've been missing your blog. I just saw all the adorable paper art dolls. I love the flower girls from Linda's kit and the very sophisticated ones from an earlier post.

Here is a strange question. Did you put a gadget on your blog that sends the sound of a small ringing bell out? If not, my computer is acting up. If so, it is charming.

Deborah said...

Love your beautiful orangey-pink Alice cards, Sherry. And a very inspired idea to use pages from the book. Look forward to seeing more of your 'Kate' style backgrounds.

jandee said...

Love your blog!! It is so inspiring and creative and addictive!!! from a visitor who lives across the pond.. but never fails to check your blog (have you on my Google reader) Thanks for all you share!! jandee

Renee Stien said...

such gorgeous results, sherry! if you do ever decide to take the art journal plunge you will be hooked in no time :)

famfa said...

Really love the Alice pics. Simply beautiful and inspiring. I want to have a go now.

Sussie said...

I love your beautiful artwork! Great job!

Gini said...

Oh brilliant Sherry and using the Alice pages is perfect!
It looks like you've been creating this way for ages your backgrounds are so good :-)
Love this style of background it's so vibrant and fun you can't beat a video showing you how can you?
I do like the Octopode stamps, Lily's latest ones especially, Edward Scissorhands and the David Bowie ones are brilll. But I need more stamps like I need a hole in the head. I must show some self restraint somehow LOL!
Wasn't she miming "the Man with the child in his eyes" on TOTP's when Kate was on holiday? (Clutching at straws here)

My name is Cindy said...

wowzer!! I met someone from AFTH (Ally Pally?) the journals were awesome and as you say so VIBRANT!! I resisted buying anything but maybe this year......

Ha ha don't know what order you are reading this in but I DID manage to comment!! Eureka!!