Friday, 15 July 2011

Flower Art Dolls

These dolls were made from a kit I won as part of a
 prize from the multi talented
 and you can read about them

This is what the kit looked like before I opened it

The kit contained materials to make one full size and one petite doll.

Once I plucked up the courage to start and stuck on the faces,
I then got carried away with all the embellishments,
adding a few bits and pieces from my own stash too.

I copied the dolls on Linda's blog used the dolls on Linda's blog as inspiration, all of her art dolls are fantastic!

Once I'd finished the large doll, the petite one was easier.
Don't they look cute together!

Well, it's only taken me since March to use the kit,
which has been sitting on the end of my craft desk in a pile
of miscellaneous things I want to do first but don't actually get around to!
I'm encouraged now .... better get the duster out first though,
it's surprising how much dust can accumulate in 4 months!!!


Jan said...

Four momths!..... Is that all?! Can't remember when I last dusted (such a slut!)
Anyway, these are just adorable.....Love their beautiful little faces framed with the flowers and the colours are just perfect. And their eyes sparkling with glitter and their lovely little mouths all glossy! Just SO pretty.

Ira said...

WOW WOW WOW Sherry, you outdid yourself again!! LOVE these dolls, how you embellished them, totally fab!! BTW: be careful with that vacuum cleaner, if I clean my craftroom I always put small things aside, more than once I've had to open up the cleaner to retrieve missing items, LOL! Have a great weekend, Ira x

Netty said...

And more wows from me as well Sherry, your dolls are fabulous. x

BLISS angels said...

wow I love them and I have the same mould somewhere i this craft room sorry I meant "over packed with things i will use some day soon room...." Hugs wendy

Terry said...

Love these dolls! Beautiful bead work and flowers! You did an amazing job! Happy Weekend!

Cindy Is Crafty said...

I have three words Sherry, FAB U LOUS!!!!!!!! Awesome dollies!

Sam said...

Stunning!!!Love the faces they look so serene! The newsprint flowers look fantastic, they have a real Goddess feel to them!!

PeggyR said...

Those are darling and I would love to purchase the kits somewhere in the states!

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

Wow, what fab little kits, you did an amazing job with them Sherry!! Beautifully embellished :)
Jan x

JoAnne said...

They're wonderful Sherry! And 4 months is nothing. I have projects I started before I had my daughter and she's a junior in college!!!!!

PeggyR said...

Thanks for posting on my blog! We could definitely use the rain here. I think we've only had an inch and a half this month and we are to average 5" a month!

Terri said...

How adorable are these!!! Love it!

Mrs A. said...

More gorgeous dollies. You clever thing. Love the colours. Hugs Mrs A.

Dragon said...

OMG these are SO beautiful... never mind it took ages to get going they are lovely!!!

Meggymay said...

Wow, not a lot more to say, they are both gorgeous, love the beads the flowers and the adorable faces.
Yvonne x

Sussie said...

OMG Sherry!
These are absolutely wonderful!
Hope you are enjoying your summer!

WendyK said...

Fabulous, what else can I say.

Gini said...

Oh you lucky girl winning those and you've made wonderful job of them!
Now is it just me, but I think the larger dolls face actually looks like Linda's own face, do you think it is a self portrait ?

My name is Cindy said...

Wow that was a great prize for you!! An dhaven't you used it well, these are just adorable. I'm really hoping this is going to post - still having probs with blogger!!!