Sunday, 10 July 2011

Charm Supply Swap

This swap is something different it's putting together supplies
to make a charm rather than actually making it yourself.
I'ts being hosted by Michelle of
Each swapper needs to fill 20 little bags with items
to make one charm (plus a few extra bits and pieces too)
and will receive 20 different bags back.

Here's just a few of the ones I put together.

I'm sorry if these photos have appeared all over the place on
the published post, but I always have a lot of trouble getting
photos to appear side by side evenly - and this has taken ages!
I eventually got them to appear side by side by tricking Blogger
into thinking that I wanted to centre each one, then quickly
moving them next to each other while Blogger wasn't watching - haha!!
Little things eh!!!

Back to the swap - there are still a few places left
if you fancy joining in, details are on Michelle's blog here.


Terry said...

What an interesting idea! The kits look wonderful. Have a lovely Sunday!

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

Wow, Sherry your kits are amazing...such interesting goodies...I like the little little charms, oh and love those pearls and flowers(crochet?) in the first kit.
Jan x

Healing Woman said...

I'll bet you get some very diversified kits. Great idea!

Lesley said...

What a fun swap Sherry. Can't wait to see what you get back and create.
Have fun, Lesley

PetraB said...

Looks like a fun swap, your kits look amazing.

Mrs A. said...

Your kits look really good. Don't metion blogger to me. Iv'e been playing error 503 with it all day.
It's enough to drive you to drink.
If its not blogger its rootkill or other wise Muver. Signing off now to go get a little drinkie poo.
Hugs Mrs A.

Ira said...

Wonderful kits, perfect matches!