Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Maggie's Monday Musings - first swap of 2009

MAMMA's first theme of the new year is 'Man/Men' which she says "In honour of John, who has to put up with soooo much from all us ladies" John being the only man in the group has to put up with a lot of stick from some of the ..... 'ladies'.... in the group - lol. He is a very good sport though and it has to be said sometimes even encourages us!!!!

My ATC for the swap is called 'So Macho?' The background was made using the TypoGenrator site. For the man I've used the top half of another ATC doll pattern (he is legless - haha!!) I coloured his torso and arms with some pastels and he even has a bit of a six pack (although I'm not sure it shows up much in the photo) He is sporting a very fetching off the shoulder net vest and some fun fur underpants and matching arm bands). Is he macho? Well, I'll let you decide. As for John, well having never met him in person, I really wouldn't like to comment!!!

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