Monday, 12 January 2009

Some more dolls

These little paper dolls can become quite addictive - I think they bring the little girl out in me - I just love to dress them, make up their faces and give them beautiful hair! One day I'll grow up I suppose!

I find the easiest way to dress them is to stick on (with Anita's 3-D Clear Gloss Finish) some sheer type fabric and then add embellishments once it's dried. For the hair I've used some embroidery thread and some fluffy wool.

It's funny how mistakes can sometimes turn out for the best - as was the case for the slim dark blue doll here. Once I'd made up her face I sprayed some 'Porcelain Gloss' over it to protect it but the ink on the lips reacted with the spray and became all smudged. I immediately wiped the bottom half of the face with a tissue and it left a pale covering of colour on the lips which suited the hair colour better than the dark red I had used in the first place!

I also like using netting for the legs (again stuck on with the Anita's product) as this makes the doll look as though they are wearing glossy tights or stockings!

There really are some amazing dolls over on the new MAD (monthly art dolls) MAMMA site which are well worth a look.


Jan said...

I just absoloutely adore the slinky blue one - she is gorgeous!

Belinda said...

Hi Sherry I am so sorry about the loss of your beloved Sheba. She looked adorable. A lot like my Sibel. It is a terrible feeling when our pets are ill, my dog Chloe will be 13 this year and she attacked Sibel yesterday because she is getting temper mental with age. We prey everyday it is not her cancer back making her like this. My thought are with you. Belinda.

Belinda said...

Me again I forgot to say how cute your super skinny blue doll is, I love her. Belinda

WendyK said...

Love all your dolls Sherry, they are fabulous