Friday, 2 January 2009


The very lovely and talented Margaret has finally officially declared herself as MAD! Only kidding of course - MAD stands for 'Monthly Art Dolls' and is Margaret's very exciting new public Flickr group called MAD MAMMA. Each month Mad Mamma - oops I mean Margaret will set a new challenge to make an art doll. For the first month - January the challenge is to make a 'Jointed Card Doll' using the template by Mirkwood Designs.

I love making these paper dolls and it was Margaret who first introduced me to them a couple of years ago now - so this was a really enjoyable challenge for me. I know that a lot of other members of the group will make really whacky and interesting dolls, but I've stuck with something straight forward and sensible (just like me!!!)

I used an air dried clay moulded head painted with acrylics and features made up with Sakura pens and chalk. The hair is from an old cone of very fine fibre (I don't know what it is exactly - some kind of cotton I think). Her stocking are made from some netting which I've attached to the legs with Anita's 3-D Gloss Finish. There is also more of the netting under the dress. The dress is made from a scrap of beautiful fabric. The sleeves don't go right up to the shoulders as I thought it may create a problem with the brads. She is wearing some gold beads and a matching bracelet. Oh, and she also has a bust - made with some wadding!

I'm pleased with how she's turned out and hope that she'll go to a good home - once Margaret make the draw at the end of the month.

Can't wait to see what kind of a doll next month's challeng will be now!


Jan said...

Fantastic Sherry! Love her!


OMG Sherry she is beauuuutiful, loving those boobies too lol.
GREAT idea, never seen that before.
well done.
lots of love MAD MAMMA.
I quite like the name actually

Belinda said...

Hi Sherry she is just gorgeous, so you. I haven't started my doll yet I can't wait. Belinda

Jinny Holt said...

Ohhhh me likey very much- not sure i would have the patience for these- will stick with what i know

hapy new year to you and your family

Renee (nayski) said...

What a coincidence - I have a bust of wadding too!

Seriously though - this is really pretty Sherry, really nice work.

Happy New Year

nancy said...

Sherry, I really love this. What a beautiful face you did. And a bust! Don't think I'd have EVER thought of it. Genius! All in all, a beautiful piece of work.

millam said...

It was nice to read this story and see more pictures. Face you made for her is very beautiful!

(katjamillam *flickr)

NIfty said...

Thank you , Sherry !