Tuesday, 27 January 2009

The Tag Tree Project

I happened upon a group on Flickr called The Tag Tree Project which is a way of sharing 'art' with others.

The group is run by 'My Dog Sighs' and if you're wondering about the name a full explanation is given in his Flickr profile.

The idea behind the project is for people to decorate tags however they like, with whatever medium they chose and to any size and theme. The tags are then sent to My Dog Sighs with a stamped SAE. He then returns you a tag to keep (or tags depending on how many you send to him) from someone else. All the tags he keeps will be and in his own words "hung as a collaborative art installation" on a specially sculpted metal tree and exhibited in the Summer of 2009 in Southsea, Hampshire, UK. The work will be documented by local photographers and press. The idea is that members of the public can go along to admire the tree and then take home with them a tag they like.

The project seems to have caught the imagination of many people as the Flickr group has 237 members at the moment and new members are welcomed all the time.

So, here are my tags for the tree. I used some large tags (60mm x 120mm) and backed with card to make them stronger. The backgrounds were inked with three colours and rubber stamped and then vintage images and text were collaged on. (The backs were inked with one of the colours and rubber stamped over). Some fibres were added for the hanging. I forgot about the hanging when applying the text (Doh!) so it needs to be moved over a bit to see what the text reads.

I hope the project is a big success and the tree will look stunning covered with all the tags I'm sure.


WendyK said...

These are lovely Sherry, and what a super idea

Jan said...

This is such a great idea and these are beautiful tags. I wonder what you'll get back!!
I've been photo-tagged by Pattie and I'm afraid I'm passing it on to you (sorry!) See my blog

Maureen said...

Love your tags sherry!!!