Thursday, 12 March 2009

Art Freebies Challenge

This week's challenge on June's Art Freebie blog was to use an image of some papyrus. I knew papyrus was a type of old paper but I looked it up and discovered that it is 'thick paper-like material produced from the pith of the papyrus plant and first manufactured in Ancient Egypt'.

With this in mind I decided the use the image as a background to the Egyptian Pharaoh 'Amenhotep' (yes, I looked that up too - lol!). So it's a beeswax collage - the first layer is dark gold coloured tissue, then the image (after cutting parts of it away), then the Pharaoh and his name (covered again with some of the tissue to cover up the white paper) - all adhered with the beeswax and finally some gold ink around the edge to give a slight border.

It's turned out a bit green due to my printer ink running low - I quite like the effect though and it blends with the dark gold tissue.


Jan said...

Fantastic effect Sherry!

June said...

Sherry this is wonderful. What great techniques and effect you have created on this background. I am so thrilled to see this its superb !!
Thanks for joining in the challenge this week and i will add your work to the slideshow on the blog.

Hugs June x

sassy said...

sherry this is soooooo brillaint...sassyxx

Pattie said...

Really interesting Sherry 'love your blog especially Bunny LOL i have made a start on mine,but its not easy !!

Margarita Korioth said...

beautiful effect!

Anonymous said...
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