Tuesday, 10 March 2009

MAD Easter Bunny!

That's not a mad Easter bunny - but an Easter bunny being the themed doll over on this month's Monthly Art Doll Flickr group - the template is there too.

So here's my Easter Bunny - I'm not sure whether it's a girl or a boy - I think he's a boy bunny although he's wearing some green eyeshadow - and why not, we all like to look pretty don't we! He's made of card, with white felt as a base. I drew in his features with a black pen and added some blush highlights with chalk. His outfit is made with scrim and an appliqued daisy for decoration. His boots are felt too. He's getting ready for Easter and been out collecting some beautiful flowers in his little basket. (that's going to be tricky to package up for posting to my swap partner!)

I love these doll swaps and was lucky enough to get Margaret's doll last time which you can see here.

(The photos have come out a bit weird, think there's something wrong with my camera - or maybe just my photography 'skills'! The colours are a lot softer than there appear here)


Jan said...

He's great! What an attitude!

Dee said...

He's gorgeous. x

sassy said...

cor this bunnie is one groovy bunnie lol!!! superb and so cute...hugs sasysx