Monday, 12 October 2009

Simply Charming!

These are the fabulous charms I received today from Kim in Canada for the 'Romance' charm swap I took part in on her site Paper Digital Art & Images By Kim

I love them all, they're all so different and unique but my favourite (if I'm allowed to have a favourite) is from Lydia Hildebrandt aka Kenning Stone and includes a tiny little canvas covered book called 'A Love Story' which even has actual pages with a story on them - how cute is that!  I wish I had the patience to come up with that kind of attention to detail. 

Kim's next charm swap is for Christmas and I've already sent my charms off to her - so it's official now - I'm addicted to charms (as well as everything else - lol)


Nicks said...

wow what a fabulous booty you received!

Jan said...

Oh, lucky, lucky you!! Aren't they fabulous!

Pattie said...

WOW lucky girl it all looks amazing art !

Pattie said...

Beautiful Art as always !please pop over to my blog and pickup your award !

Anonymous said...

They are beautiful
hugs June xxx

Michelle said...

beautiful charms!