Sunday, 4 October 2009

Masquerade Paper Doll

This is a paper doll for a swap entitled 'Masquerade Ball' on the Yahoo group Fantastic Flat Paper Dolls.  As the doll is going to a ball I thought a long gown was in order, so for once, the legs are covered up (although you can still see them through the lace insert of the skirt!). 

Her mask is painted onto her moulded clay face and that cone on top of her head is supposed to be an 'up do' hairstyle - It's a card triangle shape covered with some embroidery thread and hightlighted with Stickles and seed beads. I cut her fringe a little too short too (it's lucky I'm not an hairdreser!!)

The curly strings are meant to be hanging from the mask and they too are embroidery thread coated with the paint and curled around a thin stick while still wet.

The gown is from oddments of lace, silk, netting and plastraw.  I rubber stamped some stockings on the legs with one of Tim Holtz's texture stamps and her sparkly shoes are more of Ranger's Stickles.

So all she needs now is a partner to accompany her to the ball!


Maureen said...

She's lovely Sherry - you are good at these dolls!! (have e mailed you).

Jennifer Conway said...

Wonderful doll! Love her stockings! *smiles* ~Jen

Anneke said...

what a wonderful doll and she looks classy and beautiful

sassy said...

she is so her to bits...another creation of outstanding work...hugs sassxy