Thursday, 10 September 2009

How Lucky Can One Girl Get!

I use the word 'girl' loosely as today is my birthday and let's just say that after this one, I won't be able to say I'm in my forties anymore!! Still a girl at heart anyway, that's all that matters - lol.

I have received some lovely cards and gifts from on-line crafting friends and I'll be thanking them a little later.

Well here's where the lucky bit comes in - I returned home yesterday after 2 weeks away visiting my aunt and uncle in Spain (and also doing a little sun bathing - well, it would have been rude not to!!!) and waiting for me were two wonderful boxes of goodies!

Firstly, I had won the UK Art Raffle - yes, me, really!!! I've tried to photograph all of the items I won in the first photograph above - but individual photos of each item are on the UK Art Raffle site itself. What a wonderful assortment of art work, from ATCs, stampboard, jar lid magnets, beautiful fabric pieces, mini canvas, slide mailers etc. My favourite two pieces (if I'm allowed to have favourites) are from Jean (who now runs the raffle) - an altered pink tin beautifully decorated in itself, but inside crammed packed with a lovely assortment of fabric flowers and ribbons - and the other from 'Efemera' whose real name and details I don't have unfortunately, but if I'm not mistaken her altered Pringles tube is the one and the same as that designed by Gail Milburn called 'Time for Tea' and featured in the February 2009 issue of Craft Stamper magazine (page 72). Wow!! It looks every inch as fantastic as it does in the magazine.

Secondly, I had a box from overseas to open and I really had no idea what this was. Well, it was from Dianne from Pennsylvania, USA (aka DianthusMoon on Flickr whose '5th year blog anniversary giveaway' I had entered some time ago and forgotten all about! Dianne was very generous with her giveaway prizes and I've tried to photograph it all as shown in the second picture above. Many thank yous once again Dianne and long may your blogging continue.

Off now to do my thank yous - I don't know whether or not to put pictures of my birthday gifts on here, what do you think? I'm always in-decisive after two Tia Maria's!!!!


Genie said...

Happy Birthday Sherry,
and congratulations on your win,

Jan said...

Have another Tia Maria (or two) and then you may be able to make up your mind!! Any excuse for a tipple, eh!!
So glad you had a great holiday - I bet you are lovely and brown - and hopefully you were able to celebrate your birthday while you were away.
AND... what a lucky girl to win the UK Raffle!! It couldn't go to a nicer person.... ENJOY!!!

Jan said...

p.s. I've just noticed you won the giveaway from DianthusMoon AS WELL!!!! No wonder you are on the Tia Marias... a girl's got to celebrate that sort of luck somehow!

Pattie said...

Congratulations Sherry didnt you do well !! Happy Birthday too, wish I had known never mind theres always Xmas lol ....missed you while you was sunning yourself in Spain lol,welcome home !! xxx

Agnes the Red said...

Double congratulations Sherry! I thought I recognised the name on Jeans site!....what fantastic goodies.

So glad you had a great holiday and birthday too.

Ange x

Deborah said...

Congrats on your winnings, Sherry. You are right, Efemera is Gail - I recognise the name from UK Stampers.

Ayala Art said...

That is so cool!!! and happy birthday!!! :oD

Deborah said...

Sherry, Gail's blog is:

Anonymous said...
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