Thursday, 17 December 2009

Christmas Tag - Day 10

This one uses metal tape and chipboard shapes.  See Tim Holtz's one here.

I've come to the conclusion that the tags I'm using are a lot smaller than Tim's so consequently I didn't have any chipboard letters or shapes small enough to make a pattern like the one on his tag.  I did however have a Christmas tree and star which just about fitted my tag.  I used only two colours of alcohol ink and could really have done with some of the 'Adirondack Fillable Pens' which are empty pens you fill up with a few drops of alcohol ink and because they have fine nibs you can colour right up to the edges.  Something else for the shopping list!    I put some drops of the blue alcohol ink directly onto the tag and they have pooled a bit, but overall I think the tag looks fine.

I put a bit of texture on the tree with some of the metal tools and added some nice sparkly gems for decorations.  The star is coloured with some Rangers Stickles.  This one is quite a bit different from all of the others but I enjoyed making it so I could use some of the metalwork tools I have but not used much.  Practice makes perfect as they say ..... what do you mean I need to practice more!  LOL

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Deborah said...

I think this looks fantastic, Sherry. And you have done fine without the refillable pens. I'd love them also but am not sure you can refill with a different colour once you have emptied it. I think the #scam' is, you need several. Maybe Santa will bring you some :-)