Friday, 11 December 2009

Christmas Tag - Day 8

Tim Holtz's tag is here, and mine is heading for the bin I think - lol.  This one turned out to be my least favourite of them all so far.

I was looking forward to trying out Tim's technique of 'changing plain vellum into vintage parchment' - especially when he said  'the paper will start to smoke which is the distress ink basically being baked into the paper - don’t worry'  Oh, that sounded dangerous - couldn't wait to try that!!  When it didn't smoke at all, I dispensed with the blending tool and just swiped the ink pad directly across the vellum - well, he did say use a generous amount of ink.  Once I started heating it up with the heat gun it took a while, but yes, as promised there was smoke - well, more like a puff of powder really but at least something happened.

My main disaster with this tag was the stage before applying the distress ink and heating up the tag.  Before that, as instructed I stamped a music score stamp with black archival ink onto the vellum and dried it with the heat gun.  So far, so good.  Next was to apply the distress ink with the blending tool - did that, but obviously I hadn't let the archival ink dry properly as it all smudged!  I stopped quickly enough so the whole thing didn't smudge and I carried on and yes, my vellum did look and feel a bit like vintage parchment but all the music disappeared in the process!

Oh well, you win some, you lose some.  I'll probably try this again sometime - I wonder if I could stamp on the vellum after turning it into parchment - worth a try I suppose.

Eight tags down, four to go.....


Hane said...

Sherry !
I love all those tags you´ve made and that paperdoll is so gute !
Have a nice weekend !

Maureen said...

It looks good Sherry, don't you dare bin it.