Saturday, 19 December 2009

Christmas Charms!

This morning my postman delivered a box of gorgeous charms, all with a Christmas theme from Kim of Paper Digital Art and Images for the charm swap I entered. We had to make 10 charms each to receive 10 back from the other participants.  (The charms I made can be seen here.)

Kim is so generous and included a lot of extra goodies too!

The photo I've taken really doesn't do the charms justice and show all the lovely detail, but they are all fabulous - what a great Christmas present!

The next charm swap Kim is organising is a 'Valentine Heart Shape Charm Swap' and sign up is open until 31 December, details are here if you're interested.


Maureen said...

Lucky you Sherry - they are lovely charms. (ps - the lady card is for Viv's charity not Aunty.)

Lilla said...

charming charms Sherry. Have a great Christmas
aloha Lilla

Minxy said...

WOW, what a lovely selection.. perfect for decorating the tree :)

I'm definatly tempted with this swap.. but am going to see what supplies i have b4 i sign up... I'm actually hosting my own charm bracelet swap in the new year over on UK Stampers, you should come join up xx

Happy Chrimbo
hugs Minxy x

Hane said...

Merry Christmas to You Sherry and Your Family too !
And Thank You so much for that Lovely Christmas card and specially that So Gute Angel ! I´ll treasure it ! And a Very Happy New Year !

Ayala Art said...

They look great!!
Hope it is not too cold over there!

Malissa said...

what a beautiful collection Sherry! That must have been so much fun to unpack!

Deborah said...

An early Christmas present for you :-) Lucky you!

My name is CINDY...... said...

Wow those charms are amazing!! Off to check out that valentine swap.