Wednesday, 2 December 2009

'Elfie' Paper Art Doll

'Elfie' is an old English girl's name meaning 'elf' or 'magical counsel' and I think it suits this paper doll perfectly.  She's a little woodland elf!

I made her dress from some fibres from a ball of wool (well, it's polyester really) and I didn't knit it, just stuck it on.  Other parts of her dress and her booties are made from some silky fabric in a co-ordinating colour.

I love her hair - probably because I had mine chopped off today - and mine's dark brown (with a nice grey parting!!!!)  The doll's hair is from a cone of something or other - it's very fine and silky.

Her overall costume looks a bit like she's in a Panto - girlfriend for Jack and the Beanstalk maybe?  Well, at least that's seasonal - lol.


Jan said...

She's gorgeous Sherry. I almost feel I would like to play with all your beautiful little creations.. they all have their own individual characters

Belinda said...

I love her clothes Sherry, just gorgeous. Her hair is nice. Wouldn't it be nice to have long blonde hair? Mine is bright red. Your dolls are always so full of character. Belinda

Viv's Visuals said...

Another gorgeous gorgeous dolly!!!