Monday, 18 January 2010

Meet 'Fritzi' the Festive Fairy

Whilst blog hopping recently I came across this intro  'Do you like a challenge? Do you like Art Dolls?  Well you have come to the right place.....'  Where is this place you ask, Artist Trading Dollz Challenge Blog created by Linda B - her own dolls are truly amazing and if you like art dolls do go have a look and a drool over some of hers. 

The first challenge was to create a 'Festive' doll she said 'think parties, celebrations, happy times, lots of colour and sparkle'.

My doll 'Fritzi' is from Germany and over Christmas went to a fancy dress ball as a 'Festive Fairy'!  Her crown and outer wings are made from some fabric leaves which are absolutely dripping with silver glitter.  The rest of her clothes are an assortment of fabrics.  She just couldn't get her hair right on the day so wore a glitzy, red sequined wig instead.

Lovely as the silver glitter is, it does unfortuntately get everywhere - much to my hubby's amusement!  Over the last few days he's gleefully informed me that I had a silver moustache and a silver neck!  I had to laugh though when after I gave him some sandwiches he asked what the glitter was actually made of - is it glass?  His sandwich was liberally covered in the stuff and he was actually contemplating eating it!!   What does this say about me?  No, don't answer please. LOL.  I didn't do it on purpose to get my own back - honest!!  I will say though that I did take the sandwiches off him and made some fresh, glitter free ones!  Incidentially, what is glitter made of? LOL

The festive fairy has a lot to answer for!


Viv's Visuals said...

Festive butties!!!! You know some husbands are Sooooooooooooooooo ungrateful!! LOL
She'a beauty Sherry.... I was only thinking though.... where are all the man escorts for these lovely ladies?????

sassy said...

aw my litle glitter girl lol!!!! i know all about the glitter ive shone at many a tesco checkout hahahhahha anyways shes is superb and looks dare i say it **GLITTERLY GORGEOUS**..pmsl at your story.... xxxxxxxxxsass

Gez said...

Hi Sherry

Your lady is truly amazing. Love the fancy dress ball story. Hope you get chance to make some more. Have fun. Gez.xx

Jan said...

Another winner Sherry... she's stunning!

Deborah said...

She's stunning, Sherry! I don't know what glitter is made of either. Plastic probably. Might go google it and see.

Cindy Is Crafty said...

She is awesome! What a fab doll!

Linda B said...

she is wonderful, thank you for taking part in the challenge :)

Horners Corner said...

She is totally cool, cant wait to see you make more!!