Sunday, 3 October 2010

Self Healing Art Course - for free!

I'd seen this button on a few blogs recently so thought I'd go take a look and am so glad I did.  This is an art course which starts on 18th October and lasts for 4 weeks run by a very talented and generous lady called Tam who is offering this to "anyone and everyone for no money at all" and in return she just wants us to spread the word for her.

She has a video explaining what the course is all about here.

Her Ning site, where you need to sign up is here.

Basically, the theme of the course is self healing through art and aimed to help those of us with low self esteem and confidence and who are very harsh on ourselves (well, that's definitely me). 

Over the four weeks, Tam will be sharing art techniques such as backgrounds, layering, journalling, portrait painting, altering a child's board book with photo collages and transfers and creating a whimsy character.  She'll be showing us how to make an empathy monster (puppet) who will become our support system (friend!) and finally creating a painting with an angel or goddess in to focus on our un-met needs.

Most of all, it looks like it's going to be a whole of fun!

Will you join me there?  I hope so.

Many thanks Tam for your wonderful generosity and caring nature.


Mrs A. said...

Looks interesting Sherry. I'm off to have a look see now. P.S. Seen any good swaps about lately?

JaN's ArTy AtC JouRneY said...

I'm looking forward to this too! See U there!!

Jan x

Deborah said...

Looks interesting - and it's very generous of Tam - but I'm signed up to three real life courses and don't think I can fit another one in. Hope you blog your coursework (assuming it's not too personal to share).

Gez said...

I've signed up too! I love Tam's work & her videos keep me company in the long dark hours when I should be asleep!! Hope you have fun in the class. Will keep a look out for you..xx